Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Creative Wednesday emergency...

Happy Wednesday,

Todays project for the CE Design Team blog, click HERE to see the blog, is a bit of an emergency!  Last week the DT blog showed 2 projects whilst I showed only one.  This was due to a mix up as my emails crossed in sending in my submissions and the Marketing team thought I have sent in 2 for last week not one for this as well.  Therefore I had to get up at 5am Tuesday morning to get this one does (ok thats also my fault as I forgot I was too busy prepping samples for Sundays C&C shows which has certainly strained my creative flow as the range of products I have for you is a departure for me!)

back to today I decided to make a set of then you / note cards and a wallet to hold them.

I simply used the poppy stamp and some wild honey distress ink and cut out the stamped image for the front of the wallet.  I then used the piece I cut the front image as a mask to ink the stamped cats on the fronts of the cards.  Sounds complex but really it isn't!

Poppy single stamp
Wild honey distress ink
Sand & coconut white foundation card
Couture creations embossing folder



  1. Hi John.
    Brilliant thank you Take care Kitty.

  2. lovely idea & such a lovely card

  3. Lovely project especially as you turned this around so quickly.


  4. Good morning John it is amazing that you could create something as brilliant as this project at that time in the morning - well done.Enjoy the rest of the day. Hugs Jackie

  5. Hi John, great project, love the way you have put it together and so quickly too. Have a good day. Bx

  6. Lovely project and to do it so quickly too! The sentiment that goes with this stamp is close to my own heart (if it's the 'hang in there' one) It was my son's mantra when he was alive So of course I like the subject matter

  7. Good morning John, great card and nice idea to do it up as s folder,take care Jane B xx

  8. Beautiful John, you may be busy but I bet you wouldn't change anything lol!?

    Have a good day.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  9. Hi John. What a great way to present the notelets : ) A quick and easy project, I love how you have coloured the stamps. I bet you will be glad once Sunday is out of the way so that you can catch your breath! Only 4 sleeps now. Take care.

  10. You did a great job in such short time John!
    Love the folder you made,

  11. Morning John what a great idea.
    Many thanks for finding time for us crafters
    Carol x

  12. Hi John,
    I Love what you've made today The Beautiful Pocket enclosing Notelets, Fabulous idea! I'd put the Awesome Dog Stamp on mine as I'm a huge Dog lover I still like Cats, but we've always had Dogs!
    Take Care thanks for sharing.
    From Sam x

  13. Eh up John
    Love the idea of the notelet folder. I usually do them in boxes for the charity shop but a folder would be quicker.
    Did wonder why we hadn't seen the black card with the gold dog on here.
    That PA offer is still open. . . . .Im cheap (don't go there!) lol!
    Ang x

  14. Did wonder why there were 2 cards shown there.
    The notelets are a good idea, make a nice gift for someone. Great idea for inking the cards when you have a lot to make.
    Janice W

  15. Morning John,
    Another lovely idea makes a great gift.

  16. Hi John,
    this project cheered me up on this absolutely awful morning. But at least we don't have the snow storm as some parts of the US had.
    HAGD, Rose

  17. Hi John, I love this !! you are so innovative.
    We are due snow here today, yuck, yuck, yuck.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  18. It is wonderful how you always seem to turn things into a positive...but 5am is too wonky.

  19. This is great John, I love this embossing folder. Work do well with this x

  20. This is great John, I love this embossing folder. Work do well with this x

  21. This is great John, I love this embossing folder. Work do well with this x

  22. Hi John, What a lovely gift these note cards would make. Clever idea to use cut away as a mask to colour through. Brenda

  23. I Like It ! Great idea, nice little cards.
    Have a nice evening

  24. Hi John I am of the same opinion as Sam Smithard I like the idea of a wallet and the notelets but my corgis would never forgive me if I was to put cats on the cards!
    Take care
    Margaret corgi owner

  25. HinJohn
    I love how you've done the cut out with the mask. A lovely idea. This will go on my things to try list.

  26. Hi John - what a great idea, your shading and colouring techniques are amazing x x x