Tuesday, 23 December 2014

April Review...

Happy Tuesday,

Well Christmas is getting nearer and its already time for the review of Aprils work.  These three selections for each month are my personal favourites form this year.

There is a pattern forming around the two background dies I bought form Sue's collection for Creative Expressions I'm afraid.  It's not that I didn't love any of the other projects or dies I purchased during the early part go this year its just that I loved these and the projects I created with them   Also I look upon these now as my audition pieces  as this is some of the work That Sue and the winder full creatives at Creative Expressions were looking at before I even knew they were interested in me or I in them!  This card was so fun to make and I know that Janice made a beautiful version of it so it must have been popular with you guys as well!
For the original post click HERE.  This link will take you to the tutorial for this card which is in a different colour way.

Next is my striplet made Easter Egg box.  I just love the way the pattern repeats and the flow of the butterflies around the for of the box!  For the original post Click HERE.

Finally the box I made to say a very sad farewell to my wonderful Friend Hazel who returned to the U.K.  I suspected at this stage that I would be following her but not so early or dramatically as we were, originally, thinking of my returning around now, not in the middle of July!  For the original post click HERE



  1. Hi John Brilliant thank you happy Christmas and best wishes for 2015 take care Kitty.

  2. Hi John,
    What a Stunning collection, I Love The Card I must try and give this a go in the New Year!
    Hugs from Sam x

  3. Hi John. Beautiful card and boxes again.You certainly didn't think when you were making these where they would help to take you! We never know what is around the corner do we? Take care.

  4. Eh up John
    That card is one of my faves and the tutorial was fab.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  5. Gorgeous, I love all today's exhibits. The Spanish card is one that I aim to try - i have watched the tutorial more than once lets say... Santa's bringing me the curved borders! Your boxes, well - just beautiful. Thanks.

  6. Morning John,
    Another wonderful selection. Love the boxes

  7. Another gorgeous choice for April The card is lovely Will need to try this after Christmas I love all of your boxes and bags

  8. These are wonderful creations John.
    Merry Christmas to you and Ant xxxx

  9. I am having so much fun with this retrospective of your cards John.

  10. Two beautiful projects, no wonder you were picked for TV. I bet you are glad you didn't leave it until now to move, it's always harder in the winter weather.

  11. I guess it's like with chefs, even tho' women do most of the cooking in this world, they say that men are better chefs.
    Women do most of the card making in this world, but very few are as good as you.
    These are the prettiest things I've seen this year. And I've seen some gorgeous things :) Merry Christmas to you John and to all your loved ones.

  12. Hello John, more stunning inspiration, love the Easter egg boxes, thank you for this monthly review it is making me just want to sit and craft. Bx

  13. Not surprised that CE showed interest if they saw these on your blog - they are all amazing xx GailT xx

  14. John 3 fantastic projects ,it is no wonder you were snapped up by CE.Love all this looking back -it's great ,Laura O

  15. A wonderful collection of cards so very beautiful love them all, Although I have only recently discovered your blog I have gained so much inspiration and I should like to thank you for that.
    May I wish you and those you love a magical Christmas and a happy and peaceful new year.
    Margaret corgi owner

  16. Love them all, but the Easter egg box with the butterflies is divine.
    Lynne x

  17. WOW John, you've outdone yourself with these three blogs. I've always loved your trifold card (in fact, quite often click on it and just marvel!
    Your boxes are beautiful - funny that, have been toying with making an octagonal Christmas lantern but didn't have the time............. So now it might be an Easter Egg box.............
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Joyous New Year.