Monday, 10 November 2014

A Gilded Plum...

Happy Monday,

a golden delight today well hopefully you agree! lol

Sue Wilson's dies 
Italian collection
Italian collection Borders, Corners and tags
Classic Rose
Couture Creations Cameo Tag
Autumn Leaves Gilding Flakes
Wine Seam binding
Cosmic Shimmer details copper embossing powder



  1. Morning John,

    This one is not a favourite for me, sorry John. I'm not even sure what is putting me off, it just looks a bit dark and kind of too much or something, loved yesterday's card though but for some reason, I wasn't able to log my comment.

    Hope you are having a fab time on your cruise.

    Hugs Alice xx

  2. I agree with Alice, love nearly all your cards but not this one.

    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful time.


  3. Sorry not for me either. I think the gilded borders down the middle of the card are a bit too much. Karen x

  4. Not too sure about todays card-the colours look much nicer in the close up than on the main picture.


  5. Hello Sailor!
    Hmm, its the ribbon and a bit too much gilding action for me but have a sneaky feeling that the photos are perhaps not doing it justice.
    Happy sailing.
    Ang x

  6. Sorry mate, dont like this one !!! Would look alot nicer in pastels but good for a 'man'. xxxxxx

  7. Beautiful card John, love the centre boarders, the gilding goes great with the Deep Plum but sorry I think the leaves should not have been gilded as they don't stand out just blend in too much. Hope you are enjoying the waves.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  8. love the gilding, such a lovely card

  9. Ooh er! I'm not sure about this one either It may be how it's photographed Appears very dark on screen

  10. Morning John,
    Sorry not for me either, just too much gilding and with the dark card it just does not work in my eyes.

  11. Hi John,
    Oh I'm sorry John but another one here who is not in awe of today's card....but maybe it's just the way my PC is showing the colours. Hope you're have a ball on your holiday.

    Love Sheila xx

  12. Hi John, I love the plum and I love gilding flakes however for for me, it's too much.
    X Ros H

  13. Hi John,
    Love the gilding but not a lover of that much purple, would have used black instead.
    HAGD, Rose

  14. Hi John. I'm in the "not sure camp today". As always though it may just be that it looks different "in the flesh". Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Take care.

  15. Hi John, not for me, your cards normally tick all the boxes, but this one does not for me. Sorry for being negative.

  16. Hi John,
    I Truly Love The Fabulous Rich Colour Pallette You Have Chosen and The Stunnung Gilding Flakes a Beautiful Card
    Hugs from Sam xx

  17. It looks a little wonky to me, but perhaps that's how you meant it. Love the rich colours.

  18. colour a little deep for me love the card layout though,Laura O

  19. Hope you are having a good time on the open seas - I think I saw this in a re-run of your shows and liked it - I think it is maybe that It doesn't photo too well - I like your card very much but have to agree with Jacquie that I think I I would have left the leaves plain xx GailT xx

  20. Hello John, not my favourite colour - sorry - sure it would work well in other colours.
    Take care, Brenda