Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Back on Your Screens & Tuesday Bright...

Happy Tuesday,

This is a kind of stop press today as well as the usual card!  I have been asked to demonstrate today on Create and Craft with the Sue Wilson Dies so Hopefully I will be able to demo the making of this card today!  The shows are at 10am and 3pm it would be great if you could tune in for my first solo show especially as I haven't given anyone much notice!

I'm glad everyone loved the beige from yesterday however I thought it was time for a little brighter colour!  Todays card is definitely brighter with a colour choice I rarely use namely pink!

I demonstrated the principle of how to make this card, in blue however, on the 6pm show which I believe a lot of people would of missed as it is only available on Freeview here in the UK until 6pm.  However if you want to see how to make a blue version of this one you can see area peat on the Create and Craft website,  if you click HERE you can see a repeat of the show .  This will also show you the embarrassing moment when I realised I had put the top on the wrong way and had to turn this into an easel card! I really shouldn't be sharing something that makes me look daft however we all make mistakes, it's the only way we learn!

This pink version is made in the same method however I have used a different die.  This one uses the French Collection Auvergne die set.  I based it all on the colours of White, vintage Gold foundation card and a pink from my stash.

I made this card to show, especially for our American friends, that even a large die can make a small and hopefully cute card!

Sue Wilson's Dies
Vintage Gold Foundation Card
Pearl PVA Glue
Pearl Sprays from Creative Expressions
Ribbon & Pink card from Stash



  1. Looking forward to the show and seeing this made. Love it!
    Marion B

  2. Hi John. Love the card. I am one of those that have Freeview so had to watch you demo this style on C&C.
    Many "old hands" are thrown when they make a mistake but you were really on the ball. Well done.
    Good luck for todays shows. Will be recording them but will try to watch live and send an email in too. I hope you are able to relax more this time : ) Take care.

  3. Lovely card today. I'll be recording both your shows, good luck for later.


  4. Good morning John your card is gorgeous I love how you have used the dies. Good luck with the shows I should be able to watch the second one. Don't worry about making mistakes we all do it. Have a great day. Hugs Jackie

  5. Hi John. Lovely card. Out this morning at Tai Chi but will defo watch the 3 o clock show. What a lovely surprise to brighten up my Tuesday.
    Love Val x

  6. Such unusual colours together but look good, Will be recording you today, did have a little titter when you put it upside down the other day, just goes to show we aren,t all perfect!!!!!!!!

  7. Eh up John
    At least not much time to get nervous matey. Don't knock yourself chuck. Your turning that card into an easel was absolute genius on the hoof! You will be great!
    Anyhoo, very pretty card today. Lovely colour combo and design.
    Be brave and as you always say. . .Enjoy!
    Ang x

  8. Morning John, good luck for today will be watching the first show and recording the second. Hope all goes well. Janice xxx http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

  9. Morning John,
    A very pretty card. good luck for your solo flight today.

  10. Good morning John,
    Just nipped in to say good luck today, i am confident that you will do Sue and her dies proud. I would need to change the colours of today's card but the design and style of it is beautiful.
    All the best,
    crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  11. Hi John
    Good luck on your solo flight. I'd love to make today's card. However, you haven't put the date that the 6.00pm was on. If you wouldn't mind doing this, as I think the card is stunning. I will be recording the shows as I usually do for C E products.

  12. john love this card.....
    reference c&c i loved the way you dropped the clanger and adapted the back!
    we all make mistakes and you got out of yours nicely!


  13. Hello John, I am taping today's shows as we are fireplace shopping, so good luck and at least you have made this card before so all will be well of course there is always the chance of an Australian card Lol. No more teasing , and see you later.
    X Ros H

  14. Ps, forgot to say love the card and its colour way. I have a fair amount of craft card and I like it with red and questing would work with a darkish blue too.
    X Ros

  15. Hi John,
    I love that little card and shall be doing quite a few of them as Xmas cards, time is marching by too quickly..........
    Only saw you when I switched on the telly, so shall be recording the shows today. You are certainly doing Sue proud on your solo debut.
    I love Sue's dies, they are so versatile and elegant.
    Have a great day at C&C, hope they're looking after you.

  16. Just watched your show John, Very professional. Well done!
    Only one mistake....you didn't draw my name from the cup.
    Janice W

  17. Well what a surprise - not working today and turned the telly box on this morning and thought now there looks a familiar face!!! Well done you - thought the demos were amazing and yiu would never have known it was your first time or solo anyway - love the colour combo for the itty bitty card - would never have put these together but it works and loved the SW card aka JL card - lol xx good luck for the afternoon show and have sky+ it to catch up later xx GailT xx

  18. Fab card, John, will have to try this one out. Enjoyed your first solo show and will be there to watch the second one this afternoon. Am waiting for my dies from Sue's shows to arrive, can't wait!!

  19. great card John ,i saw this show and I thought you were great the way you quickly turned it into the easel card .We all make mistakes and shows you can nearly always fix with a little thought.Great show this morning and a great surprise to see you on, Laura O

  20. Hi John, fabulous little card. Good Luck with your shows today, missed first one as such short notice but hope to catch the later one.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  21. Well there's a bit of luck John. Been clearing the garage out all morning and got rid of all the accumulation at the tip . Just having a cuppa and catch up so now I will put the TV on and relax this afternoon watching you. Like what you have done on this card, Jackie xx

  22. Hi John - I managed to watch this afternoons show and just wanted to say it was brilliant - you are so informative and explained everything so well - a real pro!! Thanks for the demo in the filigree card - I have seen these on yours and Becca Feekens blog and read the instructions but prefer to see how to make/do things rather than read instructions so will defo have a go at one of these as you showed how easy it is to make although it looks so complicated - you are a natural on TV xx GailT xx

  23. Hi John,
    Love this card and the idea of using just the die shape. Great shows today on C&C.
    Kind regards,

  24. Hello John, great card, but am gutted, cause I was away working and could not watch or record . Bx

  25. Stunning card John. I'm only paying a fleeting visit for now to say I thoroughly enjoyed your demos on C&C (the 22.00-23.00 repeat tonight). Imagine my surprise on finding out that you are not an Aussie living in Australia! Me thinks some little lady must have been telling me porkies!!

    Mary Mac