Saturday, 27 September 2014

Something Different Saturday...

Happy Saturday,

Today's something different is one of the samples I made for Ally Pally.  I loved the candle wreath I made and blogged a couple of weeks ago however I wanted to try changing the colours and style slightly.  I started with an old wreath that I have had for a few years and have changed many times.  Wrapping ribbon round these allows them to be easily changed each year as to remove the decorations simply unwind the ribbons.

I chose, as my colour pallette, a range of blues and silvers which I the colour scheme I would like to use for my Home scheme this Christmas.  Might get away with it in the living room as it is In Browns, Beige's, teals and blues (my favourite colours) however not sure how it will work in the rat of the house as I have to have at least 3 Christmas trees!!!

Now I have everything prepped for a Video demo on this one so Just the ingredients list as well.  However I have written a pictorial inspiration sheet for the wreath so If I don't get the video done I will blog that for everyone to download!

Foam Wreath 25cm
Blue satin ribbon (the wider the better as it saves time)
Californian Blue, Cobalt and Vintage Silver foundation card
Sue Wilson Stamp Set filigree poinsettia
Sue Wilson Classic poinsettia die set
Sue Wilson Pine Bough die
Sue Wilson Holly sprig die
pale blue PVA glue



  1. Eh up John
    simply divine. Looks amazing matey. Will look beautiful on display at Christmas.
    Half asleep reading the word "rat "in connection with your house was disturbing lol!
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  2. Lovely christmas project, hope there aren't any rats!!


  3. Wonderful idea John, love it, xxxx

  4. Such a beautiful wreath John, simply stunning. Janice xxx

  5. Morning John,
    Wow! this is stunning. wonderful creation.

  6. Hi John. Fabulous use of Sue's Festive Collection CE Craft dies. Love the rich blues, depth and dimension to this wreath beauty.

  7. Gorgeous and I like the fact you've strayed away from green, the typical colour of a wreath. I had to do a double take on reading too Made me smile when I realised what it shud have said

  8. Good morning John, Wow this is stunning. I love the colours you have used, blue , silver and turquoise all go so well together. Beryl xx

  9. Hi John.
    I love all your wonderful creations but today's wreath has truly blown me away...the colours are just so beautiful and the decoration is stunning and so perfect!

    Love Sheila xx

  10. Lovely colour combo. A wreath like this is a great decorating item, all year round too. This way it's easier to change theme and colour.
    Janice W

  11. Gorgeous project and like you say easy to keep updating - although like you my favourite colours for Crhsitmas are white/silver/ blue/ lilac/Aqua so I wouldn't be changing it xx GailT xx

  12. Morning John, I was lucky enough to see this piece at Ally Pally and it is gorgeous. Have started playing with the stamps and dies you suggested, so easy to use. Have a great weekend.

  13. Hi John. Wow absolutely stunning. These colours are always my fist choice for Christmas. My cards are the same colour theme. Thanks for sharing. Shall watch the video, and then hopefully have a go. Smiles. Jan.

  14. Absolutely gorgeous John, Wow, wow, wow! Would love this as a decoration in my house, would look great in so many colour combinations too.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  15. Your art is beautiful - as always.

    Happy thoughts,

  16. Hi John,
    another superb creation.
    I love the colour choice, and super design too.
    Now my head is thinking I would love this in Pink, and may have a go one day, as I'm a girl that loves pink.
    Have a wonderful weekend, and I bet it's a little quieter than last weekend.
    Crafty Regards. Jenny L.

  17. Hi John Wow Wow another stunning piece of Art.The colours are fantastic ,the way you used Sue's Dies is spectacular .I think this would make a fantastic gift,and as you say ,the colours can be changed.I would love to make this for myself,and not change anything about it.

  18. Hi John I saw this at Ally Pally and it took my breath away it is so gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing many more of your creations. Hugs Jackie

  19. Hi John. I too saw this at Ally Pally and love it. The colours are beautiful together and make a lovely change from the traditional ones : ) I think your typo made us all look twice : ) Take care

  20. Amazing John and looking foward to the video.I've seen these basic wreaths in our local Chinese shop so must but a couple ready for you to show me how to decorate them.
    Loved yesterdays Peace card as well.
    Love Val x
    Hope the exterminators arrived lol

  21. Hi John
    What a beautiful wreath! Blues and silvers are so stylish and give a modern twist. I must take issue with you about unwinding the ribbon - any decoration like this would the packed away carefully in tissue paper and brought out year after year! It might move to another room, but would never be pulled apart! Best wishes, Anne O

  22. Beautiful wreath John, I love the idea of changing it according to your whim, but just re-wrapping it. What is the base made of? Polystyrene? Oasis?