Sunday, 21 September 2014

Simple Sunday

Happy Sunday,

Well this one is really simple as I'm not really presenting a card or creation today just a quick report on Ally Pally! Now I only managed to take a couple of pictures as soooo busy I am hoping that mr Next door can add some of the photos he has taken.  He took quite a few pictures this morning so hopefully he will add these to the post.

I am having a fab time and have met some wonderful people, including jackie, jan ( creations by jan) and sue and Mary from stichted greetings.  Now sue and Mary set me a challenge to make one of my demo pieces into a card, which I hopefully achieved however I wasn't able to get a photo so it will go on next week along with a more detailed description of the show and what I was doing there.

Now I have a couple of pictures of my own, the first is myself with sue Wilson, a shot that has to be taken the first time you work for / with her I guess! The second is sue under the Sue Wilson dies sign, which we found really funny !!!

Sorry it's not a crafty post but I am sure my friends and followers will allow me this one!

Lots of CE products
Lots of lovely people
Sue Wilson



  1. Morning John,
    Thanks for sharing the photos, looks like you are having a great time.

  2. Great photo of you and Sue, John. You look as though your enjoying yourself. Look forward to more photos.
    Love Val x

  3. Eh up John
    Hey matey, you could say this is the first shot folk have taken when working with you now lol!
    Looks very busy so no wonder you were cream crackered.
    Great you got to meet some of the gals.
    Have a great day today too!
    Ang x

  4. Hi John thank you for sharing the photos from Ally Pally. I was there yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your work is inspirational. I hope you enjoy today and that you have a safe journey home. Hugs Jackie

  5. Hi John,
    Of course it's a crafty post! A lovely picture of you and Sue. I'm gutted I can't go! But then I'm sitting having a coffee in a pretty village in the mountains of Mallorca! We're off for a walk soon. Hope it's not quite as hot as yesterday. Have a great day today. Anne O

  6. Hi John, what can be more crafty than a post about Ally pally? Love the photos. Glad you are having a great time. Bx

  7. Morning John, yes I had a great day yesterday at ally pally the highlight was meeting you in person and watching your demo. You did really well although I could see that you were a little nervous. Thanks for your kind words. Have another great day today. Hope your demo goes well and have a safe journey home and a well deserved rest tomorrow. Janice xxx

  8. Hi John
    I so enjoyed looking at your photos and what a great one of you and Sue. Glad you got to meet some of your fans off here too.
    Here's to another great day for you followed by a safe journey home.

    Love Sheila xx

  9. Grinning like a Cheshire cat John, looks like you had loads of fun. Never been to Ally Pally but my isn't it a big place! You enjoy your time and lucky you for meeting Sue,had to be done lol!

    Look forward to seeing more piccies.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. Thanks for this post John. I can't get to Ally Pally so it is nice to see what it looks like and the photos do give a flavour of the atmosphere there. Hope you are having a great time.

  11. Brill photos and looks like a fab place (you obviously didn't need to go too far for the gents either) lol xx luv your ingredients list too - enjoy today and can't wait to see your challenge xx GailT xx

  12. Good morning John, so nice to meet you yesterday and the chocolate cake was scrummy!! You didn't show your nerves doing the demonstration and I thought you did an excellent job and some super creations. Hope today is just as enjoyable for you, best wishes Jackie

  13. looks like fun, and I am green with envy over that whole rack of Sue Wilson goodness all in one place.

  14. Of course we will allow you this one - you gave us some nice pics instead - love the one with you and Sue!

  15. Great to see photos of Ally Pally and you with Sue Wilson. Can't wait to see more pics later.


  16. Hi John, I hope you are having another great day at Ally Pally. I didn't get to say hallo because you were so busy but all your cards looked great Beryl xx

  17. Hi John,lovely photos,and at last ,John and Sue Wilson,my prayers have been answered.I would love to have been there.
    Thanks for sharing the photos,hope to see some more.
    Enjoy today,and safe journey home.

  18. Hi John,
    thank you for sharing your lovely photos of Ally Pally.
    Great photo of you and Sue, and one to be treasured I'm sure.
    Looks so inviting, and all those wonderful SW dies.
    Perhaps it was better I didn't go, I think my bank balance would have had a fit, and gone on strike. lol.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  19. Hi John, It was so lovely to meet you yesterday, what a wonderful day Auntie Mary and I had, setting the challenge for you was something I wouldn't normally do but you excelled at it, I can't wait to see the card on your blog, well done, you really have inspired us both. The photo's are wonderful, both you and Sue Wilson in the same place was perfect, I love everything you both do. Have a lovely day again today. Hugs Sue xx

  20. Great photo of you and Sue. Hope the weekend went well. You looked so happy.

  21. Thanks for sharing John So jealous that I couldn't go this time around Perhaps next time! Enjoy a well deserved rest now

  22. John: Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks like a good crowd and you were have fun. Get some rest and present a new project/card next week.

  23. Fab pics, fame at last John, dont forget me LOL. xxxx