Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Shocking Pink Granddaughter...

Happy Tuesday,

Well what other colours can you use for a 21 year old girl these days

This is one from the vaults I'm afraid as Mrs Duck just text me to say where is today's post and it has disappeared somewhere in blogland! lol Therefore its a spare I'm afraid. We are just changing Broadband providers, due the problems experienced last month, so hopefully this is just a symptom of the change and later I can find the original post and show you tomorrow!

This card was a commission whilst I was still back in Spain and apart from the front is a simple card to work out.  The front piece is inked through a mask using a shimmer ink pad.



  1. Pretty but not me, I,m sure she loved it though girls and pink !!!!!! xxxxx

  2. Eh up John
    Blimey, its bright for you matey but I love it! The mask background is fab so will have to borrow that one lol!
    May be Blogger playing up as its not letting me comment on some blogs at times the last few days.
    My scheduled post for tomorrow is a 21stst card but may change it now lol!
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  3. Must admit John i was wondering where you were this morning. Love the stencilling-very pretty.
    Love Val x

  4. Another fab creation and perfect for the occasion xx GailT xx

  5. Hi John,
    A wonderful creation and perfect for a girlie 21st.

    Love Sheila xx

  6. Afternoon John, you ruined my morning as I always check your blog whilst having my breakfast LOL !!. Glad you're back with us, a lovely card John. Hope the internet sorts itself out soon. How we all rely on the internet now days, we are lost when it's not working. Have a good day. Janice xx

  7. For a quick alternative, you certainly came up with something super. I bet the recipient thought so too.

  8. Hi John,
    Thought you were having a day off, glad I checked back. What a great card for a young lady, just the sort my granddaughters would love.

  9. Hi John,
    superb created card as usual.
    Love the triple embossing on the heart, at least I think that is what it is.
    Lovely colour choice for a Granddaughter.
    Crafty Regards. Jenny L.

  10. Hmmm! Not sure about this one as a 21st As a 21 year old with 36 years of experience I find it a little old fashioned BUT I appreciate the technical details

  11. Hi John, Beautiful card today I love the dies and the choice of colours Beryl x

  12. Did wonder where you were this morning! Lovely card if a little bright, so long as the recipient liked it which is all that matters.


  13. Hi John, I did wonder what happened to you this morning lol! Lovely card, bit Pink for me but fabulous all the same.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  14. Love it!!!! pink does it for me! it's gorgeous!