Saturday, 23 August 2014

Something Different Saturday...My Craft Space!

Happy Saturday,

As I launched my first craft room as a something different Saturday I thought, now it is finished, that I should show the new one as a post as well.  Now the space you are looking at is in the garage in the house as when I returned from Spain Mr ND said the only space that was probably free was the Garage.  To be honest I was very unsure what to do and how to, cheaply, convert a garage.  However as you can see from the pictures we managed it through hard work (the adding of the wall panels took us from 10am last Friday to 1:30am Saturday morning!) and determination.

Those of you who have been with me for a while will know my predilection for old shop fittings and I was lucky enough to get a load of 200 slat panel hangers, from the craft shop that closed before I left Spain, for €20.  I therefore ordered 10 x 1200 x 1200 slat panels to house it which would give me my dream of a wall of dies!  This is fantastic as I can see and select form my collection as I want and inspiration comes from just looking at it.

 Next I manged to get two of the curved large office desks in a local charity shop delivered for £50!  Even the large table used for Die Cutting was a cast off, originally from a Charity shop, from the kitchen as it was too large and whilst looking for bits for the studio we found the perfect replacement in bargain corner at Ikea.

I have to say, at this point, that I am a great believer in recycling and don't see the point in buying new cardboard furniture when good quality old furniture is virtually going begging.

The remainder of the items are all brought back with me and constitute the varied collecting I have done in the last 18 months including items for old shops, Lidl, Aldi etc.  Now the space is shared and the half you are looking at is my half, the other has been set up as a home office and music studio for Mr ND however I haven't taken pictures of his half as it is a tech paradise and covered in paperwork and music scores!

The Slat panel, which I have renamed crfat panel, is perfect for working and creating as I can have shelves along with everything hanging in easy reach I can finally have all my ribbon collection together.  There is even a place, if you look carefully for my Chino shop pearl hoard.

Finally we managed to get the pool table we have been hoarding for a couple of years (another £50 charity shop bargain) assembled and that houses my Light tent letting me take pictures whenever!

All in all a great deal of Bargain Hunting and hard work but worth it I feel, I therefore introduce our Studio!



  1. WOW John that is what I call a craft room, everything to hand. Can I move in? Wish I was so organised but don't have the advantage of a spare garage and your imagination. Enjoy crafting there, look forward to your wonderful creations.

    Wilma x x

  2. Wow-your crafty space looks amazing. I wish i'd had the sense to keep my dies in the original packaging-too many to worry about now!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.


  3. Hi John,
    great craft room, AKA garage.
    You have it organised perfectly.
    Such a lovely working space, and lots of it.
    Would not suit me as I don't like spiders, our eight legged beasties give me the shivers.
    But you being a man I suppose is made of the white stuff as my DH says when he catches one and puts it outside. lol.
    Crafty regards Jenny L.

  4. Eh up John
    Woooo, all that space! Trouble with me is, give me too much space and I will fill it lol!
    Well matey, when can I move in? Hope you've extended the central heating for the winter.. . . . . . If you thought Spain was cold. . . . . . .
    Looking forward to popping over for a nosey.
    Have a great weekend chuck.
    Ang x

  5. Morning John,
    Your craft space is fantastic, looks more like a shop. It looks so perfectly organised. Have a good weekend.

  6. WOW! John, I had to laugh as my first thought was wow it looks just like a craft shop...then read that you got your fittings from a shop so there you go. It all looks amazing, so much space and on a nice day you could probably have the garage door open, if everything didn't blow away but it may be very cold in our winters lol! great use of space love how everything is set up, love the big desks too.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  7. Hi John, what a fantastic craft space. I must admit i thought you were a bit mad when you bought all those panel hangers from Ollies but well worth squeezing them into the car. The die look great hung up like that. Like Michele I've taken all my dies out of the original packets and they're on magnetic sheets so I have to go through boxes and boxes of them to find the right die. All yours can be seen at a glance and picked out so easily. Even a space for the pearls-they still haven't re-stocked by the way after you wiped them out.
    I'm sure some wonderful creations are going to come out of this.
    Happy crafting.
    Bye for now.
    Love Val x

  8. Hi John. I am playing catch up so want to say that yesterdays card is beautiful, I love the flowers (I often use the "waste" to make different flowers) the ribbon is showing as a very pale lilac on my screen so it looks rather odd, sure it's not actually that colour though)
    Wow, I love your craft space. You and Mr ND have made a fabulous job of it, and how sensible to recycle where you can (saves lots of money too, doesn't it). The craft wall is every crafters dream storage space, you lucky thing : )
    Thanks for sharing it with us, just hope that you have some heating in there though! Have a good weekend. Take care.

  9. Hi John,
    WOW! That's fantastic oh and I'm so very jealous. I love the way it's all set out and you have everything at hand. Great space!!

    Love Sheila (the green eyed monster!! Lol!) xx
    PS I'm off for a short break so please don't think I am ignoring your blog will be back soon.)

  10. very organized....great use of the space....xx

  11. What a wonderful space, like you I prefer to re cycle furniture, but I do hope you have put insulation in that room first to make it easier to heat. We don't want an empty blog because you are too cold.
    That is some collection of dies you have there, been in craft shops with less.
    Janice W

  12. Wow John, I am just as jealous as everyone else seeing what you have done, trouble is I think I would spend too much time looking at everything to get anything done, though I do have to say it stops the need to rummage so perhaps one balances out the other. I hope you have bricked up the garage door and put a big window in so you can have warmth and light other wise I can see things going indoors in the winter!! Best wishes Jackie xx

  13. Wow, John, what a super, tidy space you have to work in. I'm amazed you managed to keep your dies in their original packaging, I generally have to destroy them to get at the dies. I too was hoping that you have insulated that garage, or you won't be able to used it during the winter!

  14. This looks absolutely fantastic... I love how you can see your dies and all that table top space I love it

  15. Morning John, a lovely, neat, well organised craft room.......will it be the same 6 months down the line ??? I was rather surprised at the few dies that you have on show , does that mean that there are loads in a box somewhere else? Have fun in your craft room. Janice x

  16. Love all the shelving etc My few dies r with the card inset from the set but on magnetic sheets My plan is to have a magnetic wall wen I've worked out what glue to use! I have my son's old bedroom but so needs some organising Are u free to give me a hand? As it's ur garage does it mean you don't have any natural light? I tend to make cards during daylight (bulbs don't do it for me) and knit at night

  17. AMAZING, love it, you must love working in there, xxxx
    Talk tomorrow, I,ll call tea time. xxxx

  18. Hi John, this is amazing! It does look like a shop!

  19. I would be totally inspired just walking in to stare at that amazing craft die wall! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! You've done a fantastic job with spacious garage and its all beautifully organized and visually accessible. So perfect! What a lucky guy! :)

  20. Looks wonderful. Certainly a job well done as you should be so proud of your new Studio. 'A place for everything, an everything in it's place' as the saying goes. As always, you are wonderful to share. I love it!

  21. Hi John, gosh I'm really envious of your wonderful craft studio, well done with all the design and finding all the terrific bargains to kit it out, what a fab job you've made. Enjoy working in it, Kate x

  22. Hi John Wow Wow,this is a dream of a craft room,well done,to your and is fantastic,every thing is at hand,it is your place,that you can create,or just sit ,and think.
    I wish you lots of Joy ,and happy times in your .Craft Room .
    It might be a idea to open it to the public,to look at it from the outside,and charge a fee,you would have a big Q of crafters for miles.
    Hugs ,

  23. Brilliant space and so organised.
    From experience I hope it is well insulated, on the walls, ceiling, door bricked up, heating extended, plus "thick"carpet on the floor.
    Otherwise like me you will gravitate back into the house during the long winter months.
    Happy crafting


  24. Hi John
    Wow, a fabulous craft room. I love the way you've displayed you dies. Great job and created so quickly. My craft room is in the garage too, and I love it. Thank you for sharing. Have a good weekend, Anne O

  25. ohhh you lucky duck John...I wish I could have more space.

  26. Wow John what a fabulous space you have lots of inspiration will come from there. Love your cards. Hugs Theresa (TOB)

  27. John you did an amazing job turning a garage into a craft room.. I think I will have to sell my car so I can do the same :) you have done an amazing job with the conversion.. well done.. kind regards Hanny from Australia

  28. Wow what an amazing craft studio (didn't spot the chino pearls storage but did the GC - I would be frightened of it falling off but sure it is safe and secure) luv it - well done and know what you mean about sturdy old furniture (bit like us humans)!! lol xx GailT xx

  29. Oh John !!! We would expect nothing less from you in your room organization !! It is superb !! I'm in the midst of cleaning my room (for the 27th time) and hope this time I actually do it. I won't have anything as attractive as yours, but will be happy to have lots of put together plastic shelves for everything. I have one of the worst addictions to "stuff" that I have ever seen and I would love to be as organized as you. Maybe we have to move like you !! :o) Congrats on al your hard work. Just gorgeous !!

  30. What a fabulous job you have done John, love the photo's by the way x x x

  31. Hi John,
    I've not been part of your Blog for very long, but now I have your Cards etc: Through e-mails, Can I Just Re-Iterate All The Comments Above Your Craft Room Is Extremely Amazing I Really Love Your Curved Desk, And Those Fabulous Slatted Walls To Hold Your Dies Etc: They Look Fantastic.
    Hugs From Sam

  32. John,
    You must have punches, what did you do with those?
    I tossed all mine in a drawer and am most sure you came up with a better idea. Hope you share what you did.
    Happy thoughts,