Saturday, 16 August 2014

Should be in a frame...

Happy Saturday,

Now all the recent PC issues, whilst still in the background, have been worked through and so I should now be back on track showing some of my newer work.  There has been a lot happening in the background with the move and deciding what to do work wise etc which has sadly robbed me of crafting time however I am now determined to get back to the on time and daily posting of before lol.  

Today's something different Saturday project is something I first thought of about a year ago and after binning a couple of shelved it.  It was only when getting home and seeing the graduation pictures of the OH's sister just propped up in the living room that the idea returned.  As you can see I have used a combination of Mirror card and plain chip board (thick card) to make a couple of die cut picture frames.  These now have pride of place in the living room as Mr ND said when he say them "where did you buy those new silver picture frames from" giving me the confidence to keep them up!

Now there will be a step by step on these for next weekend however yesterday was spent finishing the craft studio / music room / office and we finally finished at 2am this morning!  I had been waiting for some craft Will to be delivered so that I could have my dream of a die wall.  It all sounds very cryptic however next Saturday I will share pictures of the finished result along with details of the items used (just like a normal craft post lol)

Spellbinders Mystical Embrace Die
Spellbinders Enchanted Labels 28
Silver Mirror card
Thick Chipbaord like card.



  1. Lovely frames and cant wait for pics of craft/studio, xxx

  2. Hi John,
    WOW!!!! These frames are absolutely stunning....I also thought you were showing us some new silver ones that you had bought to show the lovely pictures off. No wonder Mr ND thought the same. I love this idea so much and a great way to save money too and a lovely gift to make one and put a picture in for rellies. Thank you so much for the idea.

    Love Sheila xx

  3. the glass chess set too! Yes I know I'm nosey!! Lol!
    Sheila x

  4. Eh up John
    Stunning frames matey. Better than premade ones. May have to bring a bigger handbag with me when I come over lol! You know its good stuff when I want to steal it hahaha!
    Did wonder where you were this morning but if you were up til 2, gosh! What's a "craft Will"? Is that who your going to leave your stash to lol?
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  5. What a great idea Off to get chipboard What thickness will go through GC? Like OH I have photos that need to be displayed! Buying frames would cost an absolute fortune AND I know if I started off with a few that when I returned to get more the shop wouldn't be stocking them again Great way of making frames in one shape

  6. Hi John,

    Wow! Stunning frames, absolutely gorgeous, love them to bits. Great idea and will look forward to seeing the tutorials for these.

    Have looked through your posts, great creations John and I will look forward to seeing piccies of your new craft room.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  7. Hi John
    Gorgeous frames. What a great idea. Can't wait to see your new craft room. ALWAYS on the lookout for ideas for organising and storage - in particular, how to make a growing die collection seem like nothing at all! Best wishes, Anne O

  8. Morning John,
    Wow! another very clever idea form you, you must be thinking up new projects constantly.
    Looking for ward to see your craft room.

  9. Hi John, these frames are amazing! Looking forward to the tutrial.

  10. What a fabulous idea. The frames look amazing....x

  11. Pretty card John, but you are a rotten tease telling us about this dream wall!

  12. Wow these are stunning and what a fab idea - I have the enchanted labels die so might just have to give this a go!! If I'm brave enough - have a fab weekend xx GailT xx

  13. A brilliant idea John, they can be made to suit the colour schemes of rooms and make an ideal little extra Christmas gift for the grandparents etc. Janice xx

  14. Amazing photo frames! Can't wait to see pics of the craft studio.


  15. Hi john. Wow, love these frames : ) As usual I hadn't thought of doing that but what a great idea. Glad that your craft etc. room is nearly there now. What is a Craft Will, is that meant to read a Craft wAll? It would be good to see it all finished, please.Take care.

  16. Hi John love the frames,you are amazing,with your ideas.Looking forward to seeing your craft room.
    John do not put yourself under pressure trying to post up to date cards.
    Take it from me ,you will burnout,as I did after my Daughters Wedding,invites etc.

  17. John, this is a stunning project ,looks great in silver mirror ,Don't think my GC would take thick cardboard it is sticking and getting harder and harder to turn each day .Shame as I use it all the time [think I will get e-bosser next time ]Laura O

  18. Hope you find a job soon John, living on Jobseekers isn't a walk in the park. I think these cards deserve a frame, they seem a bit delicate on their own to me.