Friday, 1 August 2014

Ok Ok Back to fussy(ish)...

Happy Friday,

Sorry guys I had to throw in a complex fussyish one as well didn't I?  Today's card is made using an old spellbinders die which I believe was a Sue Wilson die for them called lace something (I bought it without packaging on EBay an age ago)

I cut the die, which is a kind of lace square with points, out and folded each of the points in after placing a small die cut lace square from the same set, in lavender in the centre.  The points are stuck down with a small foam square and a pearl to keep it stuck down.  I have to admit that quite a few popped open whilst I was making this so it is a little time consuming I'm afraid!

The remainder of the card is quite simple I folded a sheet of hammered cardstock into a tri fold shape and added a piece of the matching lavender and a loop of matching seem binding as an opening.  Next I simply added the shapes I had made in lines.

The sentiment is an old waltzing mouse one stamped onto a hand cut tag into which I die cut a corner die form the same set.

Spellbinders Lace something Sue Wilson (can anybody give me the name of this one?)
White PMD Hammered card
Lilac Lidl card
Waltzing Mouse sentiment stamp
Lilac seem binding



  1. Wow-great card. At first I though you had used the faux quilled bows & folded them somehow.


  2. What a clever concept Being new to die cutting I have no idea what the name is! It's very pretty and the "squares" remind me of Sue's bows (which I have) so will be having a "play" with those later and see if I can achieve something similar

  3. Hi John. Lovely card. I too am reminded of Sues bows and will have a go later to see if it will work.
    Off to the Wendy's craft club this morning. Many people go back to the UK for July and August as they find it much to hot here so there's just three of us at the moment.
    Have a lovely day.
    Love Val x.

  4. Morning John,
    Not sure about this one, it's a bit fussy for me, but the work that has gone into it I can fully appreciate.

  5. Hi John. Playing catch up so want o say that I loved yesterdays card.
    Todays card is beautiful, like several other ladies I thought you had used Sue's bows to make this one. I don't have the die that you used but do have some of her bows so I too will be having a go as I love the look, it is a bit fussy but not OTT, I also love the card design, something a bit different. Take care.

  6. Hi John, I'm trying to workout what you have done here. I have the Sue Wilson Lace Doily Motifs which has a square with points but have you then used the oval shaped one for the points you have folded over? Makes a pretty card though. Best wishes Jackie

  7. Hi John. I'm new to your comment section, but have been looking at your daily card delights for some time now. I'm not usually a commenter, but I just absolutely loved what you did with this die. It is the Spellbinders Lace Doily accents and motifs sets which I've only just been able to get. Your designs are amazing. You are a true artist coming up with so many different & interesting ways to use the dies. I would love to do something similar with my new lace doily set. Hope you won't mind. PS I live way down South in Namibia.

  8. Very inventive John. At first I thought you had added two little bows to each of the background die cuts.

  9. Beautiful card John, you can see all the hard work that has gone into making this but its a bit OTT for me sorry. Far too many Lacey squares.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. Your card is lovely!

    Is this the die?

  11. John your card is Fantastic !! I love the creative ideas you have - you are certainly inspiring. I will be folding all my dies to see if anything can be done to them. Brilliant. Janice x

  12. Great idea...just love it.

    I cannot wait to try this one.
    Happy thoughts,

  13. Not got the foggiest what the die is but it looks amazing what you have done with it - luv it xx GailT xx

  14. Eh up John
    Sorry, MIA earlier as you know, with Nesta. Hmmmm, I think I'm in the leetle bit ott camp. . . . Maybe one strip of the squares rather than three? Hey, can still appreciate the clever idea of folding em in the first place.
    Have a great evening.
    Ang x

  15. great card ,looks fab all the little parcels .Laura O

  16. Hi John

    I haven't commented for a couple of days I have a stinker of a summer cold.

    I absolutely love this card and can't wait to have a go.

    I wish I could see more in the dies than just using them straight, but thanks to yours and other blogs I am getting there.

    June x

  17. Hi John it's called Lace Doiley