Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Missed the Post...

Happy Tuesday,

There were so many differing opinions on yesterdays card It was bit like a game of tennis! lol  We all have different tastes and styles and yesterdays card showed how people can have differing views of the same card.
 I did start my blog purely for the selfish reason to get feedback on what I create this was especially pertinent at the time as I was living in a little bit of craft isolation in Spain.  I was relatively new to the craft world and the comments and encouragement you have all given me has helped me grow as a crafter.  I honestly appreciate what every person who checks out my work thinks and whilst these may not always be positive I do value the opinion of everyone who takes the time to comment!

 I thought today would be a good point to show three cards from the selection I have never posted because personally I felt they weren't good enough.  However, to me these are a good way to demonstrate how much each of us grows in our crafting and artwork.  I now look at some of this work and see nothing but the flaws however I know from past experience that others look at these and see the potential!

It is thanx to the support and feedback I receive on here that I feel I have moved on and learnt.  If I can inspire others whilst developing my style and skills then there can be nothing but winners.  As I've said before let me know what you think, each opinion is important!

Take Care,

John x


  1. 3 very different cards! The 1st I like, 2nd one is a bit bright but I like the style/die cutting & I really like the 3rd card-nice colour combo.


  2. I'd be happy if I'd made any of these John!!! Especially like the yellow one with my favourite edging die. The third one looks as though it's been sanded which as a technique I love. Three lovely cards but WOW have you improved since then.
    I know what you mean about craft isolation. Until i met you and Wendy I didn't know anyone who made cards so no one to say "that's good or not". We all need feedback but always hope it's positive. If it isn't try again.
    Love Val x

  3. Morning John,
    I agree that feed back is vital, my husband is my greatest critic. The three cards I can see were not made recently as they are not quite your usual style, but don't put yourself down they are all lovely.

  4. Eh up John
    I bet you can guess which one of these is my favourite lol! Reminds me of the sunshine we are seriously lacking at the moment.
    I wasn't sure exactly who, one of yesterday's comments was aimed at but I was quite sad that someone may have thought that just because I don't adore every single creation, that meant I don't take time to look and appreciate the hard work you put in each day.
    I personally know, how you feel glad that you have created an environment where
    people feel that they can be honest and that's how I feel about my blog too. Some of everyones creations are the paper equivalent of marmite but vive la difference as they say!
    Thank you for saying what you have and confirming what a great fella you are who doesn't need his ego constantly stroked to know how we all love and appreciate you and your work.
    Ang x
    Thank you

  5. Morning John - not sure why you think these don't make the grade but they do for me xx you are too hard in yourself and like Mrs D says thanks for letting us comment truthfully on your blog - we can't all like everything otherwise we would live in a pretty boring world - nut I, for one luv the fact you don't play safe and experiment and you are jot afraid to out it out there for critique - good for you xx GailT xx

  6. Good morning John, making us all think this morning!! 3 so different in look but all joined by such wonderful words on them, the first is very manly to me, the second a super get well card, the third I must confess I'm not so keen on but I know others will love it. I love to come and "chat" with everyone here in the morning so thank you for bringing together our lovely little community, best wishes Jackie xx

  7. Hi John. I must admit I love the yellow one best, yes it is bright but that makes you feel bright and cheerful and like Ang says it reminds us of the sun which is sadly missing at the moment!
    Part of the reason that I love your blog is that you show cards that you are not sure of and we know that we can say what we feel about them without fear of offending you. We could all just say "A lovely card John" every day but we are all different, wouldn't it be boring if we were all the same! I think constructive criticism is good, I actually like to hear what others would do differently as that way I get more ideas.
    It's not very often that I don't love your work but no matter what I really appreciate the hard work you put into your blog everyday and thank you for all that you have taught me. Have a good day. Take care.

  8. Hi John, my favourite is the yellow one. Lovely and bright. Not sure about the first one but like tke the last one.

  9. Morning John, it's not easy receiving negative comments about something you have created, even if you're not sure yourself about it yourself. Today's offerings to the slaughter are all different. I can see things that I like and some things that maybe I wouldn't have done. But I always feel that as long as I have enjoyed making a project it doesn't really matter about the final result, or about other peoples opinions. Keep on producing your cards John. I love to check out your blog everyday and see the cards and other items that you have done. Janice xx

  10. Hi John,

    I too started my blog for selfish reasons, to see what others think of my creations and yes it does help you grow when you see what wonderful creations others are making. We all have different tastes and I know what I like others may loath. If you have enjoyed doing them and are happy yourself then that is what counts.

    Now ranting over onto your cards, I love the first and third one, The second one is far too much Yellow for me, needs a contrast colour to break it up. On the first one I love the peacock design, not sure whether its vellum or a stamp but it looks good either way. The third I like the combination of the paper & embossing, All the designs are good I just think the Yellow one may have been better without the inking on the beautiful boarder or maybe different colour flowers, just something to break up all the Yellow.

    Well done to you John for taking the critique with the compliments, I try to take all comments on board as that's how we grow isn't it? I have to add I always look forward to viewing your blog each day to see what wonderful creations you have come up with so no pressure lol!

    Take care,

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  11. Hi John,
    I am very sorry if I offended anyone yesterday with my comment, it wasn't meant too.
    I know we are all very busy, especially those who work, and blog.
    I cannot say truly I have ever disliked any of your creations. In my book they are all fab.
    I would be very happy to have created such lovely cards, when I first started.
    Mine were very basic, and I started by recycling cards given to me.
    I have learnt a lot over the years, and most self taught, and with a lot of help from peeps such as the great Sue Wilson, I used to send her pics of my cards for her opinion, and she always answered my email and gave me good encouragement.
    Crafty Regards. Jenny L.

  12. I know you have moved away from these cards a bit, but they are still a lot better than can be obtained in the shops! Only thing I'm not keen on is the bow on the last card - it's either too heavy, (could be narrower) or a little bow would look better I think. Otherwise, don't run yourself down, mine were' Oh, so much more awful' than these.

  13. well John as always great cards ,I love the first one ,second one is great a little bright but love the die cut edge ,T he third card is a lovely colour and I do like the sanded embossing ,Your style now is different but I alway pick the elements of a card that I like and we all like different bits [most of all I just like coming to see what is on offer that day ]Keep up the lovely creations {I love seeing your take on Sue's dies lately }Laura O

  14. I totally agree with Ang I love coming to your blog to see what you create and to give us the chance to critique I love being able to "pick out" elements that I own The only critism for me is that I would have left the ribbon off of the 3rd one It doesn't need it and it's a bit on the wide side anyway I just wish my "not sures" were as professional looking as yours

  15. Oh John,the one day I did not comment on your blog.I was not that I did not like like þhe card .I saw it and was comming back to comment ,but pain got in the way,and I was in La Land.
    I liked your card yerstday ,and the ones today.I have learned so much from your blog,and it is the first I look at,then Sue's.
    I know how isolated you were in Spain.
    I do know anyone who crafts,so have to depend on Family,and I am very hard on myself ,in everything.
    Well done John,there is an Irish saying for this,but gets lost in the translation .
    See you in the morning,

  16. P..S. I am only now going to Sues blog

  17. Hi John,
    I must admit I really like all your Cards and The Techniques you have used, I think if a Cards not people's favourite, then maybe change The Colour Palet or The Stamp, there is always a way round it and to think out the box. You Have Great Tutorials on your Blog very informative and being a Die Lover especially Sue Wilson's Dies I Love All The Work You've Created With Them.
    Hugs from Sam x

  18. Well I have just found you and I am very impressed! will be bookmarking for future visits! I'm popping you in my 'someone worth keeping an eye on' folder! :)