Friday, 4 July 2014

Spice up your Friday...

Happy Friday,

I found some more Ginger Card!  I can hear groans going all over the UK! lol

i used the same technique as I did on last Mondays card Click HERE to see the original however I thought I could make a slightly larger version for today and spend a little more time telling you how to achieve the squares from a rectangular die.

I die cut the background die then, using a scalpel, cut our the centre panel.  The next step is to cut a diagonal line between the outer and inner corner of the die cut piece.  This when repeated on each corner creates 4 strips each with a mitred corner.

I then repeated this with a second die cut piece which gives 8 strips, 4 long and 4 short.  I then used 4 long pieces joined at the corners to make the large square and 4 shorter pieces joined to make the smaller square.  It is easier if these are stuck down to a square piece of card which is the same size as the long edge of the strips.  This picture should show more clearly how this was done, if you look at the corners you can more clearly see the joins in this colour.

 The centre panel is simply one of the centre pieces form the die which I cut out to make the lace squares.  I rotated the 2 squares and foam mounted them to make a large card, with a few layers of matching card.  Finally a stamped square cut in cream again form the centre of the same die.

Sue Wilson Spanish Collection Background Die
Crafters Companion Sentimentals stamp
Ginger Lidl Cardstock
Ribbon form stash



  1. Fantastic card-love the colour. I think i'll have to try our Lidl to see if they keep the card in stock.


  2. A lovely card and a great idea ,loving the pin .
    Elaine H X

  3. You've done it again John with a wonderful Sue Wilson die. I love this ginger card and the saying is really great.
    Bye for now.
    Love Val x

  4. It all seems so straightforward John when you describe what you have done - I just wouldn't have thought of it in the first place!! I think the ginger is a very nice colour and your design just perfect for it, best wishes Jackie

  5. must try this ,have the die and it does look fab when cut,Laura O

  6. Morning John,
    Nothing wrong with the ginger card. I love the colour, great composition too.

  7. Hola John
    Ginger schminger, its all good. I love geometric designs like this. All you need is some decent glue for those corners lol, and to confess what you bought at the craft shop the other day!
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  8. Hmm, I don't have the Spanish background die, but I'm thinking I could do a similar one with the other die (can't think of its name). Great idea though, and I don't mind the ginger card, reminds me of the biscuits I like! LOL.

  9. Love this card. Wish we could get this colour card here!

  10. Hi John, love the ginger card!

  11. Hi John, wonderful idea, and the ginger cream mix!

  12. Another fab creation I am not good with a craft knife so would shy away from something like this but will defo have to have a go xx GailT xx

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  14. Love the ginger Going upstairs in a mo to see what colours I have in my Lidl card stock! In my local they only stock the card occasionally which is a shame and it's only ever in a multicoloured pack (German brand!) such a trial having to visit every week and at least buy their gorgeous in-store baked bread in the hope that the card's there too lol!

  15. stunning again John, love the Ginger card.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx