Saturday, 26 July 2014

Spare Saturday...

Happy Saturday,

Well it had to happen It's all well and good scheduling ahead a few weeks to cover the move to the U.K. however I have simply run out of Something Different's!  I did say I thought this would happen, what am I to do....

Well there a few projects I have made and photographed over the last year that Just haven't made it on here.  One of the main reasons for this is that they were for specific people or occasions and so had to be parked.  Well today's project is one of those, it is a basket / bouquet of sweets.  I had held it off as this was a prototype for the Card shop and it is also to be used, in a different format, for Mr Next Door's sisters wedding next year!

The bouquet is made with mini mars and twix bars, wrapped in cellophane and tissue paper and stuck into a foam ball in a basket.

I hope you don't mind this 'spare' different let me know what you think do you want more on this crafty idea?



  1. I love it!! I fact its given me an idea for a gift for hubby so thank you.


  2. Hi John. I remember seeing it in the card shop last year.It's so beautiful John and such a great idea.
    Hope the craft room is getting on well.
    Love Val x

  3. Hi John,
    Oh I love it and such a lovely and very different type of gift and can also be used for various occasions with fifferent items to suit. Well done John it's fabulous!

    Love Sheila xx

  4. lovely idea. great presentation changes a gift entirely.
    Janie W

  5. Morning John,
    Wow! what a clever idea, would be great for a kids party too. Love it.

  6. I don't mind at all, it's a lovely addition to Christmas ( or a wedding if in dif. co,ours). It's also possible to make card baskets (I think that one is woven?)

  7. Love it! Perfect idea for all sorts if occasions

  8. Eh up John
    How can I show this to Mr D? He will want one! Does look fab matey. Now, if you can come up with one that displays cheesey snacks elegantly. . . . . . . . . .yummmmm!
    Fun catching up yesterday chuck.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x

  9. Gorgeous, so I wont be getting this for Christmas this year, xxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi John. What a great project, I can see it being so handy for all sorts of occasions. Just change the colours and the goodies and you're away! Brilliant. Wish I had a few "spares" like this : ) Take care.

  11. Hi John,

    Don't mind at all, beautiful project.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  12. Morning John, a great project that would work well for any occasion. I thinking baby shower (could put dummies, nappy pins, etc) childrens parties and Christmas. Well done. Janice xx

  13. Fab project - luv it xx we've been to a few weddings over the last couple of years and seen similar things with 'old fashioned' sweets and lollies and they looked fab - yours is equally as good xx GailT xx

  14. I look forward to each creative project you do an thank you again for sharing.

    I prefer paper projects and this basket is a nice change.


  15. Hi John hope you have settled back in the UK. Love this candy make . Would love to have one very cool x

  16. Hi John,love the idea,and as others have said,can do every occasion .

  17. Hi John, this looks far too good to eat, what a fabulous project!