Saturday, 19 July 2014

Something Different Christmas Saturday...

Happy Christmas(ish) Saturday,

Well Mr ND collected and we start our drive through Spain in the morning to, hopefully, arrive back on British soil Monday evening!  If anyone wants to follow the progress just friend me on Facebook as I am going to try updating and checking in on the journey on there!

You will all be happy to hear that this is almost the last of Christmas in July!  Today's project is a set of simple Christmas cards and tags as well as a box to keep them in.  This is an idea I will expand on as we get nearer to Christmas.  I love the idea of gifting people boxes of cards and Christmas cards are always welcome!

Now there are a lot of pictures of this one as there is little description. I simply die cut the centre filigree die from Sue Wilson's Umbria die set in white hammered card.  All I then did was mount this onto mirror card in three different colours.  These toppers are then mounted onto hand cut card blanks (12 x 12) in hammered card and a matching gem added to each corner.  I have used Green, Red and Silver (how traditional can you get?)

The tags are made from hand cut tags at 8cm x 8cm when folded.  I simply cut the die off the edge of the front flap creating the impression of a wreath.  I then added small squares of the remnants of the mirror card on the back flap of the tag.

Sue Wilson Umbria Die
White Hammered PMD Cardstock
Red, Green & Silver Mirror Card
'tis the season stamp (random set)

The box is a simple 4cm tall box with the die cut into the centre of the lid.  I added the same sentiment and a few More silver gems.  simple...

...really simple so should be on tomorrow lol.

Especially for Mrs B who wanted a head start on the marathon of cutting some of my Christmas Projects sometimes need there will be a bonus post going on tonight at 6:30 giving a sneak peek of some of this years Christmas Projects, there will also be a new page appearing to house this called Christmas 2014 so keep an eye out!



  1. These are fabulous John Right up my street! Guess what my bodged embossed patchwork card only went and got itself sold! And I didn't take a photo because I thought it'd be living with me forever so didin't see the rush in photographing it That'll teach me Safe trip and hope the crossing isn't too rough

  2. Hi John.Lovely gift set which doesn't have to be for Christmas provided you change the sentiment of course!!!
    Looking forward to seeing your finished creations tonight.
    Have a very safe journey home John and a smooth crossing.
    Love Val x

  3. Wow-these are stunning! Love them, can't wait to see your next crafty creation.


  4. Hola John (the penultimate "Hola")
    Simple but super and great for batch making.
    Have a wonderful last day with your friends. Eat, drink and be merry!
    Ang x

  5. Morning John,
    Great idea, stylish but simple for batch making. Safe journey.

  6. Hi John, stunning! Have a safe journey.

  7. Morning John, have been unable to comment each day this week as my computer out of action, but I have looked at them this morning and each one of them are fab!!!. Really wonderful designs and beautifully made. You are such a talented man. Have a safe journey home - looks like you will be travelling through thunderstorms all the way. Very humid and uncomfortable here in Kent today. Janice xx

  8. Hi John. This is wonderful, both for Christmas and any other time of year with a change of sentiment and colours : )
    Thank you so much for doing an extra post tonight with all that is going on. I am really touched that you remembered that I asked for a heads up about what I need to start cutting. I will be checking at 6.30pm prompt tonight : )
    I will be thinking of you both on your journey home. Wishing you a very safe and trouble free journey.
    Take care.

  9. Hi love this idea and as Val says,they would do for any occasion ,and a box of them as a gift.They are stunning.
    I am sitting here in Hospital so a bit weepy,you will be sad to leave friends and Mom in Spain,but the excitement of a new adventure,following your Dream.
    I did not know you were on Facebook .Safe journey to both of you.Will tune in at 6.30. My Doc., has just arrived to me in floods of tears,and sobbing,so had to tell him why lol.
    Ita in Ireland.

  10. Love the box and cards John. I am on facebook, but don't know my way around. I looked for you, found a couple of others that don't look a bit like you. Tried the 'sharing' thing, but that didn't get me to you either, so I guess I won't be following your progress through Spain and France.

    Get well soon Ita,

  11. What a good idea, simple but very effective, I feel like getting a banner out and shouting 'vote for John, create and craft need you' x x x

  12. Absolutely fabulous John, love the design, so easy and a classic look about them all, what a fabulous gift.

    Have a safe journey tomorrow, hope you miss all the thunderstorms, have an enjoyable evening with friends and family who are all going to miss you.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  13. Fab cards/tags and box - luv them and so simple with the die - might have to give this a go xx GailT xx