Sunday, 27 July 2014

Simple Sunday...

Happy Sunday,

Well as I am sure you can tell from yesterday I am really running out of items that were premade to post.  Now this is not strictly true as I do have a folder of pictures called Not Blogged.  This folder contains cards and creations that just don't cut it with me, I know previously I have shown Wendy some of these and she loved them they then made it onto the blog and I have to say that the comments have been positive.

I decided, therefore, to post some of these today and let you tell me what you think!  It's not necessarily simple but it is a simple post for me! lol



  1. I'd be proud to have made any one of these John. Lovely cards as usual. Especially like the saying on the top one.
    Have a good Sunday.
    Love Val x

  2. My favourite are the top and middle one, but as usual all your designs are fabulous. Miss seeing you here in Spain, hope you have settled in Leicester give my regards to Mr Next Door.

  3. My favourites are 2 and 3 but they're all great

  4. Eh up John
    the top one is my fave but the others are lovely too. Love the pattern on the red/orange one.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  5. 4 great cards-I love card No 1 & 3. Hope you are getting sorted & closer to having a crafty space. How many craft shops have you visited ???!!!


  6. Morning John,
    Four great cards, they all seem lovely to me, but then we are our own greatest critic.

  7. Morning John, all the cards are unique and very you!!, except the line of circles which although simple maybe they could do with some flowers on. ( my opinion only). Have a good day. Janice x

  8. Hi John,
    Another one here who prefers 1 and 3 but it's just great to see 4 diferent styles of cards. I love your blog and always look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

    Love Sheila xx

  9. Hi John. I'm another one that thinks the first one is gorgeous. Love the others but must admit the fourth one is not really for me. It is great to see four different styles in one day. Thanks John. Take care.

  10. Lovely but not too keen on circle one, but I have recycled it, xxxx

  11. First and third are fab - not a lover of the circle one (looks like a fabric/colour swatch) but you are too hard on yourself and it is great to see different styles - and like I've said before I think it is great that you 'don't play safe' you will have a go and see how things turn out - good for you xx hope you are settling I. And enjoying our fine British weather (long may it continue) xx GailT xx

  12. I think you are being way too hard on yourself. (I am sure most of us are). These cards are all great, and show a good range of styles. Sometimes it's too easy to be stuck in a style rut, but you keep coming up with new styles.
    Janice W

  13. Hi John

    I would be proud to say that I had made any of these cards and like Janice Wallace I agree everyone needs to try different styles. I know that I get stuck in a rut sometimes.

    June x

  14. Hi John,

    These are all gorgeous cards in their own right but my favorites have to be the first and the third. love the embossing in the background of the first and that center panel in the third is gorgeous.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  15. Love all the cards John. Hope you are settling back in o.k., miss you here in Spain.


  16. well John don't know why these cards have not made to the blog they are fab ,hope you are settling in ok and getting all those creative ideas ready to escape into more fab cards and projects .Laura O

  17. Hi John fore me also 1 and 3, but they are all different and I thing ,that is the best part.

  18. Hello and hello John,

    I like each one - 1,2,3,4 and thank you for the post and photos.
    You are too critical of you own work - stop it. I look forward to each and every post.

    I quite think you are the most talented of Artists. Honestly, have you seen some of the others trying out there? Some are just plain foolish.

    Keep up the great works.

    Cannot wait to see more.

    Happy thoughts,

  19. Hi John Can you tell me which die you have used on the 3rd card, it is really lovely, thanks Jeanette

    1. Hi John I found another card on your blog with the same die Spellbinders 5"x7" Heirloom Legacy. regards Jeanette