Sunday, 13 July 2014

Simple Sunday a Navy Tag...

Happy Sunday,

What could be simpler than a tag again made using only one die.  In fact this whole tag was made using scraps form different cards and so took very little effort really.  The tag itself is made with an off cut form making a sheet of A4 card folded to a card blank into a square.

 I often use the off cuts form making square cards into tags and decorate them with the scraps form the card, these I use as tags on the box's I present my cards in (those who received cards form me earlier in the year will know what the box's I present my cards in look like)  I will be doing a Saturday different on card boxes in a couple of weeks and once I return to the U.K I will resurrect the your card feature the postage got a little pricey over here and sometimes took weeks (ask Lesley for more info on the postal delays! lol)

All I did to decorate this tag was to add a few layers of blue and white scraps and then cut an aperture in the centre.  The final touches were a scrap of french harmony background die form Spellbinders behind the aperture, a few hand drawn stitches with a silver pen and a ribbon tie.

Spellbinders French Harmony Background die
scraps of cardstock
silver fine line pen.
Really Simple and a good idea for using up the bits we usually throw away!



  1. Hi John. Great simple but striking tag, I love the elegant navy/white look : ) "Your card" feature was a very kind thing for you to do from Spain, not surprised that you had to stop, postage is a nightmare isn't it! Never mind it won't be quite so bad when you get back here : ) Have a good day. Take care.

  2. Lovely John, especially like the die you've used in the aperture.
    Don't blame you for stopping the Your Card idea., I know by posting my Christmas cards how expensive it can get. Mind you John if Wendy or I win one of your cards you'll have to do it in reverse Haha!!!
    Bye for now.
    Val x

  3. Morning John,
    Love your pretty tag, a great idea to use the scraps.

  4. Great tag They may not match the recipient's card but I'm determined to make my own tags for their presents this Christmas

  5. Love the tag-I must make more of an effort with gift tags. I have just ordered one of the new striplet dies & its all your fault-ha ha!!!


  6. Fab tag and great way to make to match and also use up scraps - 'throw away' - not in my vocabulary which is why 'bits' box is know as the 'lots' box!! In my house xx GailT xx

  7. Hola John
    Very stylish way of using your scraps.
    Had to laugh at Val's comment as it was just what I was thinking lol!
    Mind you, don't expect cheap postage or a better delivery process this side of the Channel either lol!
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  8. Good morning John, so here we are in the middle of July and it's the greyist most miserable day - are you sure you wan t to come home?? I'm sorry I watched yesterday's video then didn't leave a comment to say thank you as once again you have explained everything so well. Today's offering is something i should make more of an effort to do as I have more than one bit box - basically have one for each colour!! As for postage I am a lucky recipient of one of your cards and it sits here and prompts me because of the words you used, a lovely sentiment - Its never too late to become what you might have become - so you could become a travelling demonstrator and visit us all in turn!! Good idea??!! Enjoy your day, best wishes Jackie

  9. PS Just found the job for you - - a new internet crafting station uninterrupted demonstrations they say starting 1st October, there is a box to click on to take part.

  10. Oh, wow, I'd love to see that channel, (shame I don't want to wish the summer over just yet). Love the tag John, but with such a dark card, I'd have to put a liner in it, to write on.

  11. Beautiful John, great use of the offcuts and left overs.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  12. Just been on the link to the new craft channel-John, you should sign up as a designer!! I've added my details to get their emails.


  13. Hi John,fab.,tag,why do I never think to make a tag,??
    I will try this one,thanks for all the inspiration .

  14. Hi John
    What a great idea for scraps. I'm always so shocked at the price of 5 little tags at Christmas! Just a simple shape with a hole! I'm sure I can do better than that - the problem is that I never think about it until the last minute wrapping! This year though.... Best wishes, Anne O

  15. Hi John,
    super tag such a fab design. I do love your fab boxes and tags.
    Been making small boxes out of the pieces of card left over from my 8" card boxes.
    We do need to use all a bits of card left over.
    These boxes would hold about 9 chocolates or a lovely piece of jewellery.
    Have put some of my flowers on top.
    Will be showing some later on this week.
    Crafty Regards. Jenny L.

  16. Hi John,
    will try again as I tried to publish my comment just now and it's disappeared.
    Great tag, and what a wonderful design.
    I do love your fab tags and boxes.
    I too have been making some small boxes from the card left over from my 8"
    card boxes.
    This makes lovely small ones just big enough for a few chocs or a piece of jewellery.
    I have put some of my handmade flowers on top too.
    A good way of using up bits left over.
    Crafty Regards. Jenny L.