Monday, 9 June 2014

Well I'll Give it a go!

Happy Monday,

After giving three performances on stage last week you can imagine I spent all of yesterday chilling!  I did however manage to pack a little of the craft room and now Wendy is in possession of quite a lot of my stash.  There are a Lot of items I have ordered over the years that I just haven't used, liked or got on with.  Well as I hate waste I thought Wendy would be able to use some, if not all, for her own crafting and cards she makes for charity.

Back to today I thought after trying green last week, to mixed reviews, I thought I should have a go at my other no go area of yellow.  Once again I would value your opinions on this one as its a colour I rarely use.

This one started by embossing a piece of card through the GC using the mask from a couple of weeks ago (sorry to find out the details you will need to sacne back) and then inking the raised arae whilst the mask was still in place.  This technique gives a lovely rounded look to the background.


Spellbinders Belly Band One
Sue Wilson Californian Background die
Spellbinders elegant ovals
Yellow Lidl Card
Cream PMD hammered card
Scattered straw distress ink
Leaf mask

There is quite a proliferation of dies used on this one to even a sneaky Sue Wilson background somewhere in the layering!



  1. Not a colour I usually like but your card is lovely. Like a burst of sunshine-much needed as we fiinally got the heavy rain later than predicted.


  2. Hola John
    I love the yellow. Bright and cheerful and beautiful design. I always find it difficult to photograph yellow so well done you! I think Wendy is contemplating building an extension lol!
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  3. Morning John,

    This is stunning, love the colour and design, so fresh, just beautiful.

    You should take a look at Barbara Grays blog

    she has done a lovely card today with a new stamp, one of Maya Angelou sayings which is almost the same sentiment as yours.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  4. Hi John
    I don't do green and yellows either, however your shade of yellow is a Sunshine one and the white card breaks it up , beautiful sentiment too, well done .

  5. Lovely John. Really bright and cheerful.
    As Jacqui said I´ve also just been looking at the same saying on Barbara's blog. Its really so lovely.
    Glad you had a bit of a rest yesterday.
    Love Val x

  6. Good morning John, I like yellow and this card is so cheery, best wishes Jackie

  7. I LOVE IT! Sorry to shout but it's that good! I've got the California background die on order Can't wait to play AND Lidl have got the card back in stock & bought a load on Saturday!

  8. Morning John,
    Love your sunshine card, Bet Wendy was happy with your unwanted stash. I give mine the the local Brownies.
    Have a good day.

  9. Hi John,
    Yellow is such a cheerful colour and on a day like today (yes it's pouring down!) your beautiful car has brought sunshine in to start my day. Love it with the cream and the way you have used the dies. Hope the packing is going well.

    Love Sheila xx

  10. hi John. Love it, so cheerful. How strange that you should post a very similar saying to the Maya Angelou one "Try to be a Rainbow in someones cloud"! I wish I lived next door to you, lucky Wendy, getting all of your unwanted stash. But you know she will put it to good use : ) Take care.

  11. Yellow and orange aren't my favs. either John, but I thought this one looked good, so well done.

  12. Hi, John,
    Great use of dies and beautiful stacking.
    But: Yellow, Oh, no, John, no, John, NO!
    What is it with 'acidic' green and yellow?
    Bitsy flowers in this warm yellow: Yes.
    Sorry, but I have tried!
    Lis x

  13. nice card love the layering of the Sue Wilson die,Don't really make yellow cards but this is quite nice ,Would love to be Wendy with all your unwanted stash .Bet she will have with it all.Would take me a month to clear up the craft stuff alone don't envy you the job .Laura O

  14. Hi John, I love the card in yellow !!. It's bright and summery just like our weather at the moment. Janice x

  15. I too am envious of Wendy!!

    Love the card, just like our weather here.

    Love Nancy

  16. Luvly bright and sunshiny card - its fab. Lucky Wendy and what a generous gesture from you - good luck with the clearing out of your craft room - it would take me forever!! xx GailT xx