Sunday, 15 June 2014

Teal & White Harmony...

Happy Sunday

Here is a creation back to some of my classic colours and a shaped card I feel like I am coming home to my style!  This is a quick card to make and to describe thankfully lol.  I started by ma,king the shaped card blank however I cant tell you what die i used as it is from a set I bought on eBay without a description it is A5 sized and I think it is an old grand die set from Spellbinders but not sure.

The front panel is made by cutting the centre die from Heirloom legacy twice in different contrasting colours and foam mounting them together however I rotated the cuts to make a circle (hope that makes sense).

Spellbinders French Harmony
Spellbinders Heirloom legacy
Teal & White Hammered card stock PMD
Crafters Companion Sentiment stamp.

To answer a few questions from this week, The packing is going really well so far thanks. I have packed most of my winter clothes ready to be trucked along with TVs and heavier stuff and sorted out over 5 bin sacks of clothes, bedding etc for the local charity shop!  The other day I took 10 large bin bags to the bin thankfully here in Spain we have communal large bins that are emptied EVERY day including Christmas day! Think I may be able to get the craft room down to just 3 or four cubic meters so its all good so far!

Lesley, I started with an A3 sheet of card for yesterdays gift bag but will hopefully be filming a few tutorials over the next few days  so there should be a more detailed description and sizes etc then. If you want measurements earlier Karen just email me when you have finished Salsa Dancing!  Janice I buy my pearls and gems here in Spain tin the large Chinese shops ( a bit like pound shops in the U.K. as they are seriously  cheap!)

Please remember if to ever want more details, help or info on anything I can help with just email me at



  1. Really like this die. Very pretty card John.
    Love Val x

  2. Hi John
    Such a lovely card , glad you are getting sorted on the packing side { do you ever sleep } you are just one busy man at the moment .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  3. Morning John,
    Lovely card.

  4. Lovely card & great detailed instructions. I don't know how you gave the time to even think of making a tutorial but am glad you are.


  5. Hola John
    Very Feekenesque, which you do fabulously. I do like that French Harmony background.
    Lucky charity shop as I know you have a penchant for the designer.
    Enjoy your day off.
    Ang x

  6. Morning John, thanks for the reply...make sure you stock up before coming back to uk. Love the card and yes it's very much in your style ! Janice x

  7. Hi John,
    You're doing so well what with the packing and never missing a day on your blog to show us your super cards. Well done you and for the lovely card you have shown us today I love it.

    Love Sheila xx

  8. Lovely card Another die I need to look out for! I so like your style I will definitely be emailing re measurements etc But please don't stress yourself coz I know how packing takes up a lot of time what with all of your other commitments Salsa is going well even though I'm not able to do a lot at mo (old injury!) but I love to watch the pro's etc Need to be able to teach a Beginner/Improver class tomorrow Take care x

  9. Another fab creation and so unusual - glad the packing is going okay - there is something quite enjoyable about having a good clear out and moving or having work done on the house is the perfect time (I know cos we are having our kitchen wall knocked through to the dining room and there is going to be one serious clear out at the end of it) enjoy the rest of your weekend xx GailT xx

  10. love the card ,well done on the packing .Don't envy you that job can't be easy .would hate to through any of my craft stuff out .Laura O

  11. Thanks for the info re yesterday's bag John. This card is pretty too. I don't have that particular grand die, but I do have one which might be similar enough to make your card (or close to it).

  12. Fab card John,you are doing great with your house move.
    I eat some food yerstday and to day,very happy with myself,I was jus Pasta,and a little soup ,but for me great progress.I think the problem is my swallow ,which will be tested tomorow,I am in for a long week,my veins are painfull.
    Enjoy Fathers Day every one.

  13. Really great card John, I am a real fan of your work, look forward to seeing your next card:-)

  14. Hi John,

    Sorry not been around of late have been very busy, sadly not with crafting!!! Your creations are stunning as always, just love your designs.

    My it sounds like there is a lot you are going to miss when you return to the UK, bins being emptied every day; cheap gem shops as well as the weather lol! Anyway good luck with the move.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  15. Love the card John, keep up the good work busy man.