Saturday, 28 June 2014

Something Different Saturday..a Box!

Happy Saturday,

As promised on Monday today's something different is made using the Sue Wilson Spanish Collection Background die.  This time I have used it as a box lid by die cutting and inking 2 of the die cuts and rotating them to create an equal square box lid.

I have already, I can hear the gasps, shot the video for this one and it is just below.  I made this box the day before I shot my new round of videos and thought I should add this one so that if anyone wants to make a similar one they don't have to wait for the usual count of weeks until I tell you how to make it!

I have called this one a chocolate box as firstly the gingerbread chalk ink along with the chocolate brown card made me think of chocolate but also because I am intending to use this to hold some of my hand made chocolates as a thank you gifts to friends here in Spain before I leave!

Sue Wilson Spanish Collection Background Die
White Hammered PMD cardstock
Chocolate Brown PMD cardstock
Gingerbread Chalk Ink

Let me know what you think of the project and the video, I know I need to get more professional however I am hoping to shoot these better once I return to the UK.



  1. This is a great project. I love the way you have used that large die for something different. I'm struggling for any inspiration at the moment, work keeps getting in the way!


  2. Lol Michelle! You are so right! As well as a huge Need List and a long project list (as you know John) work does get in the way Great way to use the die Another one to add to the project list I think I must start my crafting for the "C" time Aargh!

  3. Morning John,
    Great box, and another die I now need., thank for the video, you always explain everything so well.

  4. Hola John
    Love the pattern on the lid. Will watch the video later as have to get chores out the way.
    Have a great day. X

  5. Back later if I can, I have a busy day ahead, with some crafty friends visiting Love the box.

  6. Lovely box thanks for the video Tutorial.
    Elaine H X

  7. Stunning boxes and perfectly named xx GailT xx

  8. Hi John.
    Such a delightful will have me bankrupt pretty soon as I thought I had mostt of SW dies that I wanted but afterseeing all you stunning creations I now need more! Aaargh! Seriously though after watching your great video you have shown just how easy these gorgeous boxes are easy to make. Thanks so much. Have a good weekend.

    Love Sheila xx

  9. Morning John, a great box and a good tutorial, video was a bit blurry in places but I could still see what you were doing. Janice x

  10. Hi John,
    fab little chocolate boxes.
    Great designing as always.
    Thank you for the super video tutorial.
    Crafty Regards. Jenny L.

  11. Hi John, a great video. You made it look so easy to make!

  12. Hi John, fabulous box that I am sure all your recipients will love with or without the chocolates. Beautiful design.

    Sorry cannot watch the video as it keeps coming up with error.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  13. Hola again
    Just watched the video matey. Very informative and clear as usual. Yes, as I've told you, it is indeed pronounced Hoooooogie. A Huggie is a nappy and goodness knows you don't want to try scoring your card with one of those hahaha!
    Hope that packing is nearly done.
    Ang x

  14. a great box today and the video is great too [may not be as fancy as some but you do show well how to do things .It is clear and precice and I love watching them ]

  15. Thank you for sharing.
    Beautiful chocolate box.

    Your video is spot on- keep up the great works!

    Happy thoughts

  16. Love the box and the video,
    Keep up the good work.


  17. Hi John. Love the box but will watch the video tomorrow when I am a little less tired! Take care.