Saturday, 7 June 2014

Something Different Saturday...

Happy Saturday All!

Firstly I have to apologise in advance as for the next few weeks there may be some disruption in the something different as due to yesterdays announcement things are a little up in the air.  If you missed it please scroll down as I hate repeating myself lol!

Now as I stated I have been manically making things to keep blog disruption to  a minimum however the something different projects are nearly all very time consuming and since the ideas naturally flow ( I know how lucky I am in this) it is very hard to plan more than a couple at a time.  I have premade a couple however I do not have enough to cover the move period fully.

That said I am already using one of my premades for today as tonight is the last night of the play so I'm down to one now!

This was made as a thank you and goodbye gift to Shirley who I work with over here.  We have a drawer at work which contains snacks for bad days so I thought I would make something sweet for her to keep in the drawer for when she is having a bad day!

Spellbinders labels 4
spellbinders Bracket Borders 2
Cream hammered PMD card
Do Crafts Paper
Waltzing Mouse Rescue Remedy stamp
Extra Large Parma Violets!

Little description sorry but I hoping to use this seed packet idea again so there will be more detail then!  However I promise pictures of the play tomorrow!



  1. Good morning John, I love your seed packet idea! You mustn't worry too much if we have a pause occasionally during your move - I haven't found many who blog every day, and I'm sure we will all understand. It's bad enough moving house in the same country, let alone moving to a different one, even if you do have a house to go to.
    I moved from the UK to Ireland in 2000 and it was a total nightmare.

  2. Great idea John. Love the bracket border as you know.
    John, I´m sure we´ll all understand if you miss a day or two. When I moved from the UK to Spain I couldn´t have fitted in making one card (not that I had discovered card making then) never mind 1 for each day. So chill out and get your self sorted. We´ll all still be here.
    Hope the play is a real success. Enjoy your last night.
    Love Val x

  3. Hola John
    Wow, love the packet idea.Ooh can think of sooo many uses (not parma violets tho'. . . eew! Be like eating grannies knicker drawer lol!)
    Look matey. We all love ya and don't mind if you post picture of Nigel Farage (as long as it has a filigree frame) if you're short on time! Concentrate on what's going on with you not us!
    Soap box moment over.
    Enjoy tonight.
    Ang x

  4. Hi John. Of course we will all understand that you are going to be very busy moving. I am always grateful that you take the time and trouble to blog everyday but certainly not going to mind if you can't make every day. I love the sweet packets and box and sure that Shirley will too : ) Enjoy the last night of the play. I'm looking forward to seeing some pics : ) Take care.

  5. Aww you are so thoughtful and kind your friend will love these sweeties and save the box im sure ,
    Just get yourself sorted John, we will always be around to see you when you have time ( we Johnetts are going nowhere )

    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  6. Morning John,
    We will all understand if the postings are a bit disrupted, you are one of the few bloggers that I follow that posts everyday, so thank you for that.
    I love your little sweetie gift packets, I'm sure they will be loved.
    I don't envy you the packing and moving. We moved house 6 years ago from a large house that we had lived in for 44 years to a lovely little bungalow. We had so much stuff that we had to get rid of, the local PDSA charity shop did very well
    Hope your last show goes well.

  7. What a lovely gift John. Now don't worry about us, we'll still be here as and when you have a moment of respite in all that is going on. Enjoy tonight and I'm looking forward to the pictures, best wishes Jackie

  8. Beautiful John, love it all.

    Sorry I missed all posts yesterday but have looked back so congratulations on your move back to the UK. I am sure you will miss Spain very much not only because of the weather but friends etc. Wendy will miss you a lot I am sure.

    I loved yesterdays card too, beautiful design and colour.

    Take care

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  9. Take as much time off as you need John. You are the only one setting your rules. We will still be here. After all, there are few "professional" card makers who blog daily, and most of them don't achieve the same standard as you do.
    Love today's idea. A great way to package a group of small gifts.
    Have a great night, then get on with the packing.

  10. What a lovely gift idea Plese don't worry and stress yourself re blog Moving is stressful enough We all appreciate what you do Understandably we'll miss it but you must look after yourself

  11. John it's gorgeous and I love the box that you have put the little packets in ,You are always so thoughtful making all these lovely gifts ,Laura O

  12. Hi John, love the seed packets. As others have said..don't worry about us. Take your time and we'll still be here. Have a great night.

  13. Morning John, love the seed packets idea. A lovely gift for anyone. Good luck for tonight. Janice x

  14. Hi, John,
    Thoughtful gift idea for Shirley, when she is a bit lonely and sad; what a friend you are!
    Please, don't feel pressurised to do any blogging or maginificent samples of your work, unless YOU feel it is a must! Let go until you are ready in your old familiar surrounding back home. We can wait!
    Enjoy your celebrations to-night. I feel sure they will be special.
    Lis x

  15. Fab project and something that every time Shirley opens the 'bad day drawer' will remind her of you xx have a brill final night and look forward to the piccys tomorrow - like everyone else has said, you need to get yourself sorted for your move and we can wait in anticipation of what luvly creations you will show us when you are settled xx GailT xx

  16. What a lovely idea for Shirley.I love this and yesterday's as well.

    I will miss you.


  17. Hi John,
    Such a lovely idea for Shirley. John your move is so much more imprtant than anything else at the moment so please concentrate on that. We'll be here for you when you have moved and are settled back in the UK. Thanks for all the hard work and inspiration you put into your blog.

    Love Sheila xx

  18. Hi John what a fantastic idea,your friend will love it.Relax about the blog,you can not do everything ,and packing up your home is difficult enough.we for a change can e.mail you with some words,to help the flow of packing along.
    This advice I was given ,one Day,One Room, One Hour,is not a lot of help to you when you are packing,but then it might help.