Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sinning on Sunday...

Happy Sunday,

A few weeks ago I admitted that I had sinned and purchased a new Sue Wilson die, well I am sorry to say on a Sunday as well that I have sinned a third time!  I suppose that Sunday is the best day to admit this if I am looking for retribution, guess that's up to you guys to decide based on the first creation with one of the new SW dies I have bought.

I have loved the Italian collection Calabria Die ever since I first saw Sue cut this and use glitter behind it as a stained glass window.  A few more outings on her blog and I just had to add it to my, ever growing, collection.  Today's card is one that I envisioned at the point of ordering.

As I am sure you know by now I love making 3D projects and cards that have unusual folds and moving parts.  This cared seems to meet all three of these requirements.  I have tried so many ways to describe how I made this card with increasing confusion every edit.  Suffice to say that the card is cut from one solid piece of card and that the circular flaps at the front are not added afterwards!  The three centre panels are attached at the centre with a brad and that's kind of it!

Sue Wilson Calabria Die
White & Black PMD Cardstock
I hope you will all forgive me for sinning again!



  1. Good Morning, John,
    It is my turn to confess: I am in awe! Not just about this magnificent beauty of this card, but also about your masculine, mechanical mastermind!
    You have got me there,
    Lis x

  2. Beautiful John. A real masterpiece. Sue would be so impressed with how you've used her dies.
    Saw the great review on Sweet Charity yesterday. Next production is Cinderella at Christmas. Hope you're coming back to star in it!!! What will you be, the Prince or an ugly sister ha ha.
    Have a great day off. Looks like rain.
    Love Val x

  3. Morning John,
    Wow! a masterpiece of paper engineering, don't fully understand the instructions but I don't think I could ever attempt to copy it. This is the next Sue die for me, just wish I had more money.

  4. H John,
    When we see your stunning creations such as this one....then of course we'll forgive you sinning....because the outcome is always worth it!

    Love Sheila xx

  5. WOW! Lovely card! Very technical! I know what yo mean re sinning I feel very guilty when I spend money on craft goodies (not that hubby minds) I really can't spend any more at the mo I'm compiling a Wish list for my birthday (Oct!) but I'm sure I'll be buying stuff before then lol!

  6. Wow John What a lovely card , a bit too Technical for me to follow but it does not stop me from admiring it ,it is just lovely .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  7. Hola John
    For some bizarre reason,at first glance, it reminded me of that thing Joe 90 used to sit in (showing my age now) Well, say 3 Hail Sue Wilsons and we will forgive you for this fab card lol!
    Have a great day. X

  8. STUNNING, STUNNING, STUNNING. John you have exceeded all expectations with this one. Definitely need a tutorial for this lol! Its absolutely gorgeous. I too have been lusting after this die since it came out because of the look of the stained glass window sadly I have not been able to afford another die for a while but this is top of my list lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  9. Forgiven for your purchase, John, but this picture is like a difficult puzzle, trying to work out how it was made. Do we get a prize if any of us manage to replicate it?
    Absolutely love it!!
    Janice W

  10. Hi John, a stunning card. Is there any chance of a tutorial please?

  11. So basically, its a gatefold card, with circular borders folded in half and attached to the doors? Probably back to back, for extra strength. Anyhow, that's my guess.

  12. Hi John, wow wow this blowers my mind It is Spectacular ,and love the colours,the Die will be on my list now.I have not made a card since September ,and need to do lots of Thank You,Baby ,engagement ,I have to tidy all my craft stuff that is in the kitchen ,as visitors arrive Tuesday ,grand daughter first time here.
    Enjoy your week end I am off to the Dentis.

  13. Wow, absolutely gorgeous. Love it!!


    P,S. You are forgiven!!

  14. John, if this is you SINNING PLEASE CARRY ON !!!!! You have my permission LOL !!!. A fabulous card. Janice x

  15. This is amazing-what a wonderful card. In fact-card doesn't really describe it! I hope theres going to be many more like it. You're going to need to hire a cargo shop to bring all your craft supplies back to the UK at this rate!!


  16. Wow John you never cease to amaze with your creations -luv it - I recently bought the Italian Umbria die and think you could get the same effect with that one too (only I would have no idea where to start)!!! oh and by the way you are forgiven your sins - enjoy what is left of the weekend xx GailT xx

  17. fab card ,I sure Sue would be delighted with the fantastic project you have produced with her dies .Laura O

  18. Hi John.
    Fantastic card ! Carry on sinning if this is what you get up to : ) Sadly don't have many of Sue's fab dies but I actually have this die, along with a striplet and California decorative frames, ( they are what I bought with my birthday money) and just recently the quilled leaves and basic roses, so I can have a go at making this one. If I can I will let you have a pic once I have done it : ) Thanks, please share any more you make with this die : ) Take care.

  19. STUNNING!!! This really is a work of art. Please please please can we have a tutorial for this, I have the die but can't work out for the life of me how you have done it