Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Happy Tuesday,

I have called this post scheduled as for the remainder of the week all my posts have been scheduled ahead of time.  This is because I am appearing in the local Am Dram performance of Sweet Charity this week (hope you got your ticket Val! lol)

Therefore all posts have been premade and written, today is the technical rehearsal so I am already absent!  Now writing a detailed description for each card and creation in one go is very time consuming and I am really running short on time(sorry I know this is an excuse I make a lot lately but Fridays post will clarify the reason for this!)

What I have decided to do, and I would love to hear whether you like it or not, is to put an ingredients list with each card and creation (just like a proper recipe)

The idea is that hopefully the list of items or ingredients I used to make a card may help you should you want to make something similar.  I am more than happy for people to copy the gist of my cards and make their own versions!

First Edition Neroli Paper
Spellbinders French Harmony die
Hobbycutz wooden laser cut wreath
Marianne rose and leaf die set
DoCrafts sentiment stamp
Burgundy smooth PMD card
Grosgrain ribbon.

 I hope you all like the new recipe idea and that, as always, you,



  1. Love the card & yes please list the ingredients used. Makes it easier to check if I have the same dies etc to recreate your cards.


  2. Morning John,

    Brilliant card, love the design, papers, dies, everything!!!

    Its fine for you to do whatever you feel is best for you, I sometimes feel I go over the top with my descriptions and yes it is very time consuming, I am thinking of cutting down to just what products have been used, I am sure people will tell what you have used where and if not they can always e-mail?

    Hope your performance goes well.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  3. Looks good. Good luck with the play, see ya saturday. xxx

  4. love the new idea ,shows exactly what is in the card ,a great card by the way .Laura O

  5. Hi John,
    Great card, recipe list is a good idea, its what quite a lot of bloggers do. Hope your show goes well.

  6. Hola John
    Lots of folk do the recipe thing and I've done it myself a few times when time runs short, so just roll with what suits you matey.
    Love todays card. Very elegant and of course, love the Neroli.
    Break a leg, as you thespians say and pace yourself with everything else going on!
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  7. Break a leg John I love the idea of a recipe Being new to this craft it would really help me as I have no idea what card stock is used and at least then I can browse the web for the makes etc Love today's card

  8. Don't worry about not writing a lot, as long as there is one of your wonderful cards there, like this one, I am happy.
    Enjoy the shows this week.
    Janice W

  9. Hi John. Love the really detailed card. Great colour of course and the flowers really zing.
    Love Valx

  10. Hi John. Great card, love the background paper. You should do whatever suits you on your own blog. If anyone needs more help then they can always ask can't they : )
    Break a leg, and enjoy yourself . Are we going to see any pics ? : ) Take care.

  11. A good idea John to list the items you have used as a recipe, otherwise it does take time to go into detail each element of your card that you have made. Hope the show goes well. Janice xx

  12. Nice card John, I couldn't decide which die cut the background, I'll have to go and look, if I get the time. Have a great day, and break a leg!

  13. Hi John,
    Not only a talented card designer but a thespian too! Great card today and love the idea of a 'recipe' as long as it's not too time consuming for you. Good luck with the show.

    Love Sheila xx

  14. Is there no end to your talents John, just wish we could all come and see you but perhaps you or Wendy may post some pictures for us?? Whatever suits you on your blog is the way to go and having the details of the items you have used is great. Lovely card by the way! Best wishes and good luck, Jackie

  15. Hi John
    The Recipe sounds good to me , A lovely card again
    Break a leg !!! and enjoy
    Elaine H X

  16. Hi John do whatever system makes life better for you at the moment,you have so many things going on.
    Break a leg,and sorry love the card.

  17. Morning John - hope the rehearsals are going well and as Mrs D says when it comes to the 'proper' show 'break a leg' xx ingredients are something I try and list at the bottom of each blog but then sometimes I find myself putting what I have done or used at each photo point but it's horses for courses and like you say very time consuming so if you have the time, brilliant but if not, no probs - people can always e-mail you if necessary xx hope it's going well xx GailT xx

  18. Whatever you do is fine with me. Love the card/
    Hope everything goes well for you.

  19. loving that you are listing the product used on your projects John. Because of you I have a long list of dies that I want. I will whittle away at it, little by little.