Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Rhapsody in Blue ?!?...

Happy Tuesday,

Thought it was time I posted a filigree card as its been a while and they are a favourite of mine.  I have been making and showing a succession of larger cards recently however as soon as I received this die (was late on back order so waited nearly 6 months for a die I paid for in January!) I thought what would it look like as a whole card.

I started by folding a sheet of A4 card in half and carefully placing the die so that It didn't cut all the way through at the top or fold section.  I added a simple blue mat behind to show off the filigree corners and then started layering!  The sentiment is simply stamped and embossed using detail white embossing powder.

Spellbinders Heirloom Legacy, Labels 18, Elegant ovals & divine elegance
White and blue PMD card
Crafters Companion Sentimentals stamp
Creative Expressions Embossing powder.

I know I have used far too many different dies on this card however the idea is one that you could make using any set of dies.  Simply start by making the filigree card base and then start layering.



  1. Morning John,

    Stunning card, love the design and colours. I would not say you have over done the dies at all, it all matches together perfectly, love it.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. I think the card is just perfect-who cares how many dies you have used? Its how the finished item looks & this is just great. Hope the packing is going ok.


  3. What a beautiful, beautiful Sentiment and lovely shades of blue , i really like the layers and different dies of the card it is beautiful , however the sentiment is large and i think it would look better on a larger card ? { just my opinion john sorry }

    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  4. Hi John. I love filigree cards and the sentiment is beautiful.
    Love val x

  5. Hello John. I visit you every day, and every day is an inspiration with your wonderful designs. Thank you. Kim x

  6. Hola John
    Absolutely beautiful. No die cut overload for me as they all fit together marvelously.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  7. A very nice creation John and the layers all work together so well. Off to mums today for a few days then I am having a holiday so I shall look forward to seeing all your creations when I get back. By that time I expect you will have finished packing. Take care, best wishes Jackie

  8. Hi John. What a lovely card. The layers all work well and the different blues are great. All in all a beautiful card : ) Take care.

  9. Hi John,
    I love filigree based cards, and this is no exception!
    Beautiful sentiment, too...
    Lis x

  10. Hi John,
    Gorgeous card,,, love the differnt shades of blue and the sentiment is lovely. The filigree dies always look so pretty. Always get so much inspiration from your wonderful creations.

    Love Sheila xx

  11. Hi John, another lovely card from you. Blues and whites always look good together. Janice x

  12. My goodness John, that's an awfully long time to wait. I thought waiting for my Tool n One was bad enough (May). Love the card, but I wanted to tell you that I have succumbed and ordered Sue's California background die. I've been looking at the cards you sent me (on a shelf above my TV) and two of them have that die - they finally got to me! LOL.

  13. Morning John - not too many dies for me - it looks fab and they work well together and luvin the colours xx GailT xx

  14. Morning John,
    Goodness John you had to wait a long time for your die, not good at waiting myself.
    There's no rule to how many dies we use, this is fabulous, however, I too would have liked a smaller sentiment. Love the colours.

  15. Hi John, a fabulous card. Love all the elements.

  16. lovely card John ,love all the delicate layers .Laura O

  17. Another gorgeous card and anything with blue always adds to the appeal