Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Happy Tuesday,

I have some news to share today which I am sure you can guess based on the title lol.

 Today's announcement is that some of my work has been Published!  This is only a small article but it is, for me at least, a first!

 I was approached a couple of Weeks ago by Papercraft Inspirations as they asked to feature me as their Blog of the month.  Now this magazine, which hopefully a few of you are already subscribers I know I buy a copy when I am in the U.K.  is out today.  Please click on their website / blog to see, or to order the magazine HERE.

They asked for a few pictures of my projects, however being me I decided to make a few new ones!  Today's is the first card I made and should, hopefully, be featured in the magazine which is out today!

when trying to make a card to show my style I grabbed, what else but, the Sue Wilson Californian Background die which has been the feature of so many projects since I bought it.  As the magazine is the summer edition I decided to take a few shots on the beach so these few were taken on the edge of the local beach.

 The card is made in teal and white and, although its hard to see in the pictures I cut three squares of the full pattern.  Viewed from the side you can see that each panel is the same size I simply cut a reducing aperture in each panel using one square from the front square to centre on the back, just visible through the final aperture.  Cutting a square with the die means overlapping and cutting twice I know I have covered this in a previous post so flick back for a better description!

The leaves are the Sue Wilson Faux Quilled leaves which I cut quite a few times in white and arranged in different levels around differing corners.

The roses are cut with an old die in felt and rolled to create the rose.

Finally I added a couple of Wendy's beautiful hatpins in the same colours and finished.

I can't say how chuffed I was to be asked and be given the opportunity to display my work to a (hopefully) wider audience.



  1. Hi John
    Many many congratulations. Long overdue!
    Best wishes
    Anne O

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  3. Hi John. CONGRATULATIONS : ) Great news. I always get Papercraft Inspirations so will be looking out for your article, the first of many I hope. The card is gorgeous, love the teal / white combo. Take care.

  4. Cobgrats-fantastic news. I can't wait to see the article. The card you made looks great-the last photo really shows the layers off.
    Next stop Create & Craft TV???!!!


  5. Hola John
    The sunny shots look amazing as the top one looks black. I can even ignore the leaves and the felt as the card is so fab. Mag was already on the shopping list ready for autographing when you get back lol!
    Well deserved matey.
    Ang x

  6. WOW! CONGRATULATIONS JOHN, you deserve this recognition as your work is amazing. Love the Teal and White, the Teal is one of my favourite colour card and it looks beautiful with the natural light on it. Great pictures. I shall have to go and find the magazine before it sells out!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

    So deserved too, but to be honest i am not surprised, someone somewhere had to see your value , fabulous creations and your beautiful work is so appealing , i have said before i dont know why you are not on the TV but Hey Ho we will watch this space .
    Your card is beautiful as always , we can see the panels quite clearly John, good photography too i might add .
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  8. Hi John. I´m so happy for you. I know this will be the start of something big. I´m off to the UK for the weekend this Friday and the mag will be on my list.
    Love the cards and the teal is my favourite colour in all the world.
    Love Val x

  9. Congratulations John! And from what I've seen I'm surprised it hasn't happened before I love the card and in one of my favourite colours I don't have square dies but one of the matting basics rectangles So guess what I'm playing with later I promise to email you with my efforts when my Johnnextdoor projects are complete!

  10. Well done John, looks gorgeous as per, xxx

  11. Ooooh John, congrats on getting published! A well deserved accolade. Next time they will want a whole article, I'm sure. Love, love the card, now I have that die, I could actually do something similar. The shadows show up your layers beautifully, and an inspired idea to take the pic on the beach.

  12. Hi John,
    Told you, didn't I? Your inspirational Blog and the generous sharing of your 'Trade Secrets' are the greatest lift to my enjoyment of card making, Thank you so much for all of it! I am so pleased for you. Congratulations!
    Another aspect of my enjoyment of your Blog is the non-commercial attitude displayed throughout your pleasant presentations. Please, try to keep that in mind when you become really famous, which you will.
    I am fully aware that without the clever people producing and selling their ware, we would be nowhere; however the dies actually sell themselves once clever people like you have a go at them.
    I am so pleased for you!
    Lis x

  13. Congratulations, John, and well deserved. Really pleased for you.Your cards are outstanding, and different.
    Just watch your blog followers number jump now.
    Janice W

  14. Hi John,
    Oh well done you and many congratulations...I will definitely be on the look for a copy when I go shopping. I'm not in the least surprised though as the cards you share with us on your great blog are so stunning and your videos are so informative. Love today's card the teal is such a great colour.
    Many Congrats again! Keep up the good work!

    Love Sheila xx

  15. John, congratulations - well deserved. Your ideas are inspirational. Hope you have continued success. Janice xx

  16. Hi John,
    Not before time, congratulations, so well deserved. Your projects are so beautiful and you inspire us to try new things.

  17. Congratulations John, thats brilliant! Love today's card. x

  18. great news! You surely are an inspiration to all! I will try to buy this in the US.

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  20. Congratulations John and the card is really lovely xx

  21. Wow another stunning card creation and a big congrats - well deserved and you must be well chuffed xx well done xx GailT xx

  22. WOW, WOW, WOW, Congratulations John, What a gorgeous card, I love it in both colours that came through on my PC.

    I think I'll get my daughter to get it for me for when I next go to UK


  23. Hi John,
    congratulations on your news. A very well deserved one too, as your creations are so superb.
    These cards are stunningly beautiful too as always.
    Not been blogging for nearly 3 months as I have had a slipped disc in the top of my spine and it was too painful to type or use my mouse. Thankfully I can do some small amounts now.
    Crafty regards. Jenny L.

  24. Many congratulations John, whoohoo!!! Well done, I am not surprised your blog, cards and projects are amazing, here's to many more firsts for you x x x

  25. well done John ,great news,you deserve it as your blog and projects are fabulous .Laura O

  26. Many many congratulations john. Your cards are fab and it is extremely deserved. Well done x

  27. Hi John I am so very happy,happy ,happy for you The Card is stunning.I will have a look at their website,to see if some shop in Cork stocked this.
    I better get a autograph ,now as you will become famous.