Monday, 2 June 2014

I Don't do Green!

Happy Monday,

I've titled this post based on a conversation I had with Wendy a couple of weeks ago.  She said, when we were discussing summer cards and colours, you don't really do green or yellow do you?  That got me thinking I really don't do I?

Therefore I was determined to make a card in a nice soft apple green beloved by others but shunned by me.

I started with the green card which i embossed using the A4 Darice tumbling leaves embossing folder and lightly inked, to give some more definition, in moss green ink.  This is matted onto white then a forest green card.

I die cut the strip at the side using 2 of the dies from Spellbinders Bracket Borders 2, a filigree section and an edge.  I removed the edge die and inked through the filigree section with the moss green to give a softer edge.  The centre piece, used as a ribbon threader, is cut from spellbinders elegant labels four through which I threaded a soft and darker green ribbon.  This piece was foam mounted onto the die cut strip and a messy bow and hatpin added.

Finally I hand cut, and mounted to match, a banner and added the sentiment from Crafters Companion sentimentals range.

Does the green work for me, it's up to you to decide!



  1. Well what can i say ? i don't do green or yellow either John { why is that i wonder ?} however i do like the style of your card and the lovely ribbon ,i think it would look lovely using brown and cream card but thats just me .

    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  2. Morning John,

    I love Green and Yellows but if I'm being honest I am not sure, I love the ribbon and filigree section I am not sure about either the shade of Green or whether its too bare on the right of the card, I am not sure what it is, it is a great design, perhaps its just the embossing on the card does not show up much, I really don't know. Not much help am I? I really don't like criticizing others cards as I am no where near great/perfect myself and I do love everyone else creations, especially yours as you know. now I am waffling so I am gonna go lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  3. Good Morning, John,
    I have tried really hard, but I just cannot take to green and yellow, however muted.
    However, the composition and construction of your card today are great;
    but any other colour would do it for me.
    Thank you for trying to convince.
    Lis x

  4. Hola John
    Now, you said a recent card of mine was too green so I was surprised when I saw this as its greener than a leprechauns hat lol! As Elaine said, I like the style but with just a little less green for me.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  5. I hate green, it was the colour of my school uniform back in the day and I had a tough time at school - I worried too much! BUT I like this card

  6. Morning John,
    Sorry John but I'm with the others does not do anything for me, don't use green and yellow myself.

  7. Whats up with everyone, I like it LOL.

    See ya soon. xxxx

  8. Hi John. I must admit I tend not to use green or yellow on cards. Can´t explain why as really they are such bright summery cheerful colours but that´s the way it is. Lovely style of card and another duo of colours would look beautiful I know.
    Enjoy this lovely sunny day.
    Love Val x

  9. Well, I LOVE green, it's the most natural colour in the world, is a perfect offset to any other colour and doesn't clash, (just look at a garden),
    Think this card is beautiful, nice detail in ribbon border, and if you don't like the space, well stick a couple of gem stones there.
    Janice W

  10. Hi John, well, like Karen I had a bottle green school uniform and even now I don't buy green clothes!! I think this is probably lighter in tone than the pictures reveal as you have said soft apple green, best wishes Jackie

  11. Yep . the green works for me John. I find it quite hard to get green card, especially dark green when it comes to Christmas. I have done the odd card in pale yellow (primrose), but what I couldn't do, is use orange! Ugh!

  12. Hi john, I like this card. I have made a couple of cards using yellow and green (separately) and I think they look alright.

  13. It's funny how we tend to stick to the same colours or tones. The pale green card is lovely - maybe you should do a duplicate in your favourite colour to compare. Janice x

  14. Hi John,
    Well I'm going to be totally different, I also used to wear a green school uniform many many moons ago....and yes I hated it but as the years have passed my mind has changed and I love various shades of green except lime green! Yuk! But I love, love your card today I also love pale greens and pale pinks together too.

    Love Sheila xx

  15. Hi John I love green ( is it because I am Irish lol) pale green,and pale lemon I use a to today's card,I can not get my head around it?? The fact that you do not do green comes across?? I I've the main part of it,but not the embellishments .
    Sorry John

  16. Really not sure about this one John, sorry!! absolutely loved yesterdays but this just doesn't do it for me SORRY!! again xx GailT xx

  17. Hi John. I am not sure about this one, sorry. I feel the same as Jacquie, except that I don't mind the pale green shade at all. This is the first time for ages that I haven't loved one of your cards and I know we can't all like the same things all of the time. It would be a boring world if we did wouldn't it : ) Take care.

  18. Hi John, I'm with Wendy on this, I love it.


  19. love the light shade of green used ,and love the layout of this card .Laura O