Saturday, 17 May 2014

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Happy Different Saturday,

As today is the celebration of a whole year of Something Different Saturdays I thought I should  show one of my favourite projects from the year along with the much awaited tutorial.  When I realised that this would be the 53rd something different today I wanted to make it a little special and whilst it should be new the new project planned will have to wait a couple of weeks!  So whilst it may not be yours, it is my favourite project of the last year.

I can't believe that I have been coming up with a different paper craft project every week for a year and whilst, sometimes, its a struggle to come up with ideas I still have quite a few left in me yet.  This anniversary has kinda snook up on me so I am planning a retrospective of my favourite (OK I should say projects but we all know I love a good box) projects.

I made my first version of this for my friend Hazel when she returned to the U.K. as I was saving it for something special, click HERE to see the original post..  That one contained a bird in a cage in the centre.  This one has a paper crafted iris made using the new Spellbinders D'Lite iris die.

As this is a special Something Different I thought I would add the video tutorial for it on today's post, click the next picture to see how the basic frame was made.  I will shoot a second video on the box construction as well as the flower for next week.

for now Enjoy...


  1. Morning John,

    This is one of my favourite projects that both Becca and yourself have done so thank you for the video tutorial. I hope to have a go at making it one day, will need a good background die first lol!

    I have the iris die its so lovely and easy to make and this suits it better than a card as they are quite bulky when made lol!

    Have a good weekend

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. Beautiful & can't wait to watch video Congrats on the anniversary and I'm so pleased I found you!

  3. Happy Anniversary John. Loved the project the first time round, and this one is pretty with the Iris in it too. No time to watch the video yet, it will have to wait until I get back from shopping.

  4. Happy anniversary John!! Such a lovely keepsake, I wonder what the next year will bring?? Have a great weekend, with best wishes Jackie

  5. Hola John
    Loved the one you did for Hazel and this one is gorgeous too. Was going to ask if you doubled the layers so you see a front did cut from every angle but I can watch the video now.
    Jacquie has answered a question on how bulky the iris is for cards.
    Must go look at Becca Feekens, though I don't remember seeing anything like this recently.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  6. Should also say, what's in a year eh? You were making fabulous projects then and still are now matey. . . simples! eek!
    Ang x

  7. Hi John
    WOW WOW WOW !!!, Yes i remember the first box as it is just gorgeous , thank you for the Tutorial i will watch later over a well deserved coffee .
    Congrats on your 1st year please keep them coming .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  8. Hi John,
    Congratulations on your year John!
    Well I've only been with you for a small part of your year but have thoroughly adored your stunning masterpieces and long may they continue!
    Today's is just so beautiful and so was the one you made for Hazel. I have to make something for a Golden Wedding in July and something like this would be such a fabulous keepsake. Many thanks for sharing your beautiful creations and all the hard work that goes into your blog. Off to watch the video now and thanks for that too.

    Love Sheila xx

  9. Lovely to see this beautiful project again John. It certainly been fascinating looking at your blog every day. Can´t believe Happy Different Saturday has been going for a year. Congratulations John and long may they reign.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Love Val x

  10. wow John a whole year of fab projects on Saturdays,I always look forward to seeing these as I do with all your great cards too .Love the iris looks so real .Laura O

  11. Hi John,
    Wow! stunning, is there no end to your talent.

  12. Beautiful box and what a fab gift to receive xx luv it xx GailT xx

  13. A beautiful box John, the iris flower looks real. When you put the heading "what a difference a year makes" I thought you were referring to me, as it's my birthday today and i'm a year older LOL !!!. I thought you cant have seen a recent photo of me .... surely I haven't aged that much in a year !!. Have a good weekend. Janice x

  14. Hi John,
    Magnificent card and super tutorial video to go with it! Thank you very much.

    As I am a stickler for accuracy, I have really come to appreciate the magnificent quality work shown each day on your Blog. Congratulations on reaching this milestone!
    I shall look forward to starting my day with your inspirational work and hope that you will continue for many years to come.
    Lis x

  15. Congratulations John, on this first year of S.D.S.
    Love this as I did the first time I saw it
    lol Nancy

  16. p.s. This is no. 393 in my blog folder!!

  17. Hi John where has the year gone?? I know I am missing 5 months of it due to illness .This is stunning and a piece of art,and so fragile ,love the Iris ,thank you for all the inspiration and the work you put into your Blog and making the cards etc.
    I ta

  18. hoi
    i am from belguim
    great work

  19. ALL of your boxes are so beautiful John it would be hard to pick a favorite ... and this one is no exception. The tutorial is well explained and the finished result just gorgeous .... cant't wait for the box tutorial xx

  20. Hello John, I only found your blog/youtube channel recently. I have to say how much I love this project. I watched the video but for some reason I can't leave a comment on youtube

    I had this die in hand yesterday but I left it on the shelf. Regretfully now that I have seen your lovely creation. When I go back to the store I will bring it home with me and try your lovely box. Thank you!