Sunday, 18 May 2014

Small and Simple Bonus

Happy Sunday,

Can you believe it I hear it is sunny today in the U.K. where as I woke up this morning to torrential rain here!  Today's scheduled post failed and, for some reason I cant fathom, I cant find it!  So I hope you don't mind today I am posting a spare!  I have had this post prepared for weeks however it has not gone live as I just felt that the card was too simple.  However needs must and I promise in real life it is a very sweet card which would work for Men and Women for any occasion however now I am looking at it again I think I may need to make a complex box for it lol

My worldwide, craft world, campaign to get brown accepted is back on the schedule I'm afraid!  I love chocolate, brown, Kraft and all autumnal shades! I may even have started to convince Mrs Duck that they can work!

Today's card is a small and sweet just a simple card made using Core'dinations card and spellbinders embossing folder.  All I did was emboss and sand the card stock and add a double mat before running a patterned DoCrafts ribbon down one side.  The card base is a sheet of Kraft card that I embossed in the same folder before foam mounting the main element.  A simple sentiment from an old spellbinders die set and a knot and a very simple card made.



  1. Good Morning, John, from a sunny, but not yet warm Hampshire,
    Your spare bit of rough and brown is great, simple but effective, and is crying out for one of your box master pieces.
    Enjoy the rain, it is good for the complexion.Have a lovely Sunday.
    Lis x

  2. Yeh! A card that I may be able to achieve I love chocolate too It does wonders for the diabetes! It's a lovely change from black Gives it all a softer effect

  3. Hola John
    Now matey, I've said before for you to keep showing simple cards as your simple may be tricksy for others. Also, sometimes, less is more and if you have to do a bulk run for charity or a craft fair, simple but fab is a Godsend.
    Yes you have converted me to the brown side. . . . . I have two Desert Blooms pads now lol!!!
    Simple it may be today, but still looks mighty fine to me!
    Enjoy your day off.
    Ang x

  4. You might say its a simple card but i'd say its a beautiful classic. I do like all shades of brown but am not very good at putting them with other colours.


  5. Morning John,
    Simple you say but it's very stylish, I too like the brown and use it quite a lot.

  6. We all need ideas for quick cards John and this certainly fits the bill, very effective, best wishes Jackie

  7. Great card John. The background looks like plaid material.
    Can´t believe the rain today. Little Gracie wouldn´t even step out of the door for a wee this morning and spent the rainy time sitting on her bed with her legs crossed. Such a relief for both of us when it stopped.
    Enjoy your day off.
    Love Val x

  8. Hi John,
    I entirely agre with Ange (Mrs. Duck)....and if we wanted achange it would also look lovely in pastels.
    Wont be able to comment for the next few days as OH and I are off on a mini break...see ya when we get back on Friday.

    Love Sheila xx

  9. Hi John
    A lovely card i too love the browns , i did a card very similar only last week , but i put on a large butterfly ,quick and very affective .

    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  10. hi John
    I love this simple little card ,just perfect .You are changing my opinion too [like these brown shades together]On your recomendation I have ordered 3 large boxes of lovely card from PMD so will be ready to do lots of crafting then ha ha !!! Laura O

  11. Oh John ,here in Ireland it is horrible too we are getting lots and lots of rain [maybe a day to stay inside crafting, daughter is at me to go swimming so is it swimming or crafting]Laura O

  12. Very nice card John. Love it


  13. Hi John, Here in Kent the sunshine has been absolutely glorious !!!. Sometimes a simple card is all you need and has it's place in the crafting world. Janice x

  14. Hi John lovely card I love brown and I usually put pale cream,or pale peach,I love your ribbon .

  15. Lovely John! I love brown, sometimes accented with pink or blue.

  16. Simple but fab - luv it xx hopefully the weather picked up for you - it has been a fab day here xx GailT xx