Monday, 12 May 2014

Nothing Exciting...

Happy Monday!

Firstly I would like to thank you all for the lovely comments you all make, I was really surprised how many people liked the simple card I showed yesterday.  I have to admit that this was made a few weeks ago and has been ready to post since then however I was worried that it might be considered too simple.  Since I received the first comment this morning (yes i'm writing this late Sunday) I have been beavering away as I wanted to produce something special for today however after I photographed it I didn't like the look so started adding to it!

Here is the first attempt....

I used my new favourite Ginger coloured card (don't worry this is the last of this colour I have in my stash!)  I die cut my favourite Sue Wilson background die and cut it into strips, mounting them onto larger pieces of the ginger.  I mounted four of these onto Kraft then Gold Mirror card before adding a few more layers to the card blank.

The centre panel, new spellbinders,  is above 2 pieces of a matching grosgrain ribbon which I tied at the side before adding a couple of hatpins

There was just something about it that didn't work in my view so I took it back to the desk and carefully added a few bits....

It seemed that the first attempt with this card just felt unfinished and a bit messy, so I added some of the beautiful Faux Quilled foliage from Sue Wilson.  The roses are, again, made by the wonderful Wendy next door.  By using the same colour as the background die cut for the leaves it felt like it balanced better.

Now its up to you let me know which you prefer and why?!?



  1. Good Morning, John,
    Super Card - and Ginger is good for you in any shape or form.
    I prefer the last version, not just because I love Wendy's flowers, but also the colour of the leaves make for a more balanced impression of the whole masterpiece.
    Thank you for sharing with us your beaverings.
    I went ahead of your coming tut for Saturday's box, broke my GC at the left corner of its mouth at the '126th' attempt to cut the Spanish background - and if you are going to tell us that you cut the back panel as well, I shall despair.
    The measuring was no trouble, but am I the only person to find the new SW dies difficult to cut? Has it got something to do with minute bits of sticky tape left on the back of the die packaging? Is WD40 the answer?
    Please, help.
    Lis x

  2. Love the card, especially with the quilled leaves. They seem to complete the card.


  3. Hi John, another stunner, love this colour card. I prefer the second only because the colour of the flower and leaves balance the card and give a brighter look to it. Great flowers made by Wendy.

    Lis- I have no problem with Sue s dies, usual have to run them through twice like all other dies to get a complete cut but that is with the E Bosser as my GC broke a while back.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Jacquie. I shall now go to my e-bosser with your kind help. Added bonus: No more aching shoulder.
      Lis x

  4. Hi John
    Thank you for the double take ,i like them both and Wendy's flowers are really beautiful .
    Take care

  5. Good morning John, I think I am going to have to get this background die, looks great the way you have cut it into strips. The choice with the leaves makes it much brighter and is the one I prefer.
    Lis, I have had no problem with the dies I have from Sue's collections but I don't have any of the big background ones so perhaps they are the ones causing you a problem
    best wishes Jackie

  6. Now John if you knew me I am the kinda person that would never hang herself!! so as usual I cannot make my mind up - I actually like both of them but the second with the leaves and flowers is more feminine xx not much am I? xx GailT xx

  7. Hola John
    Love both of them. Fab design as usual but I think the second one has the edge with the pop of yellow.from Wendy's flowers.
    As for yesterdays card, your simple may be someone else's difficult so I think its great that you have shown something less tricksy.
    Lis, I only have The Striplet, which cuts like a dream with the GC but the large SB dies usually need a few goes to cut.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  8. Hi John on this very breezy morning. I love both and I´ll say why. The first one I could get away with as a male card and not many of the die cut cards seem male oriented and of course you have to love the second one with Wendy´s flowers don´t you?
    Lis, I don´t have many of Sue´s dies but have no problem with my E.bosser. I use nail varnish remover to get the sticky stuff off the back.
    Have a lovely day.
    Love Val x

  9. Morning John,
    Fab card, I too think it needed the leaves and Wendy's lovely roses.
    Lis. I have a couple of the bigger Sue Wilson dies and do find they need several runs through the G/B that why I'm saving up for and E,Bosser.

  10. Hi John,
    Now I wasn't too fussed about the ginger colour (had bright ginger hair as a child and hated it! Lol! )...SW used it on todays card,perhaps it was the aqua she put with it.......anyway having seen the second one you posted I love it and yes the rose and the leaves really do make it so different's gorgeous!!

    Love Sheila xx

  11. fab card John,love the added leaves they do add that little something to the card .Great background .Laura O

  12. John, As usual I love both cards, very difficult to make a choice.
    If I really had to I think it would be the second.


  13. Like everyone else I like both The first makes a good male card but would also suit my girlie friends that don't like frilly stuff! The second is just gorgeous

  14. Hi John, yes I too like both, but I prefer the second one. The flowers seem to lift the card more. Love the ginger card colour. Janice x

  15. Hi John, firstly, I love the ginger card! I like both cards but I prefer the second as the leaves and flowers seem to brighten the card a bit more.

  16. Hi John I like both cards,but the second one withy Wendy's roses,has my vote.

  17. Hi John,
    Like many, I like both, but if I had to choose, it would be the second, because the leaves set off the roses beautifully.
    Best wishes, Anne O

  18. wow amazing cards!!! love your blog !

  19. Hello John, I found your blog a few weeks ago, I check it every day - just love your cards and tutorials, so glad I found you :) Both of your cards are lovely, although I prefer the second one, the flowers are lovely and they lighten up the card. Thank you Angela.