Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Another Two'fer...

Happy Tuesday,

The winner from yesterday was the second card (I breathe a huge sigh of relief!) and so I thought I would repeat the exercise today with a card that again I made a few days ago and just wasn't happy with.  I am sure that we all have pieces that just don't seem to work for us.

Firstly This version which is actually the remake!  This is made using the technique outlined in my video tutorial on the spellbinders Filigree delight. Check out the videos tag above to see how this was cut.

 Now I know I have changed this in the same manner as yesterday however it worked once!

I also changed the base card for the same Navy blue from the original white background.

The next few pictures are the original card, let me know which you prefer!



  1. I prefer the first card John, but both are nice.

  2. Both lovely, like the quilled leaves on the 1st but really like the Sue Wilson cosmic shimmer pearls on the cream base card.


  3. Sorry but I'm not sure about either of these they look really dark on my screen Lovely designs on both cards I think it's just the colour Will look again later when I've fired up laptop

  4. Hola John
    Today, prefer your original card with the white base. The remodelled version looks very dark and not a fan of the holey leaves. Still, Id be happy with both of em if I were you.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  5. Hi, John,
    You have made it really hard for us today! I have been swimming between to two equally stylish cards; but my choice is the re-make because of its light contrasts of leaves and sentiment on an otherwise dark and mysterious background.
    If I promise not to intrude on your lovely Blog with my desperado cry for help, please, can I just say a heartfelt Thank You to Jacquie, Jackie, Mrs Duck, Val and Lydia for your immediate answers to my cry. I shall go forth and know that I have friends.
    Lis x

  6. Hi John. Playing catch up today so I want to say that I preferred the second card yesterday too.
    Todays card(s) are both beautiful but I think the remake has the edge for me, they both look really dark on my screen, so annoying as I know that "in the flesh" they would look different. It's certainly NOT a problem unique to your blog or your pics, it's just the way that screens works. I know most people have the same problem with colours online in general!
    Lis - Do you rotate your dies around the cutting plate (the sides have more pressure than the middle) when cutting? I only have one of Sue's Striplets (at the moment :( ) and it cuts through card beautifully 1st. The product called Sticky Stuff Remover is brilliant, and safe! (great for getting chewing gum out of childrens hair). I use it for any sticky problems and it has never let me down in about 10 years of use. Hope this helps.
    Take care.

    1. Thank you, Mrs B. The only trouble was that a whole A4 card had to be used for strength of the box. I have now succeeded by overhanging the die inch by inch in order to make use of the top line of the GC capacity strength. I even brought into use a new spare set of GC plates, such was my determination.
      In future I shall pay more attention to my wrenching the large dies from their packaging! Hope this proves useful for my friends here when they decide to go for the Spanish Background. Lis x

  7. The addition of the leaves and flowers certainly makes a difference John and I think the swopping the card base colour to blue is also preferable. With best wishes Jackie

  8. Hi John. Decisions, decisions. Having a tough time making up my mind with this one but I think the first one has it because of the lovely leaves.
    Love Val x

  9. Hi John.
    Yes I'm just tipped towards the first card the leaves make a striking contrast. I have to say though I love them both!

    Love Sheila xx

  10. Hi John, I like both the cards. The remake is striking but I think I prefer the original only because the lighter border for me makes the central part stand out more. Janice xx

  11. now John this is hard ,like the leaves on the remake ,think I prefer the lighter background of the first one .Two fab cards .Laura O

  12. Morning John I have to say that I like both cards (not hangin myself again am I) but probably slightly prefer the re-make xx I had to remake a card myself yesterday not by choice but because I tried to colour something that I was not happy with while in situ on the card - you can imagine what happened can't you - well the topper came away from the card blank but ripped in the process - at the end of the day we glue the card together to stay together so not surprise there but it meant I had to remake the card and I have to be honest I prefer the second one anyway - no photo of the original though for comparison xx enjoy your day xx Gail T xx

  13. Sorry John, but I like them both. Subtle differences make 2 very different cards.
    Janice W

  14. Morning John,
    Well you have me undecided today, if I had to choose I think perhaps the second one as it's a little lighter.

  15. Hi John
    I am late today so doing quick catch up with everyone,
    It is simple i like both cards equally , they are both gorgeous
    Elaine H X

  16. Both are equally beautiful John but I do prefer the first one with the darker background, not sure why just do!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  17. Hi John i love them but i would pick no 2

  18. Hi John,I have spent a long time looking at both cards,they are both stunning,but I think the one with the greeting on white card makes the card brighter,but this is difficult to see on the computer.