Monday, 10 March 2014

Tuesday Quickie!

Happy Tuesday,

Just a quick post today as, once again, running short on time.  I seem to lock myself in my carft room and create when I think,"must post something for tomorrow" I realise how late it is!!

Today's creation  is made using no die cuts at all just simple stamping, using Versamark, and Mica powders.  I stamped the hearts and fussy cut them before mounting onto a layer of stamped Kraft card which I had also stamped and added Mica to.  This is double mounted and added to a piece of card embossed with sizzix spots folder.

Very simple but would do for loads of occasions!



  1. Hola John
    Have I overdosed on Covonia and drifted into Tuesday without noticing lol!
    Love it soooooo much. The mica looks so effective. A great card to do in a pinch.
    Remember folks £100 for a peek at Twanky!
    (Don't panic Lockers, I would never do that to you matey)
    Definitely buenos noches now.
    Ang x

  2. this is a beautiful card John ,Laura O

  3. Is Spanish time so different from UK? Your blogs are popping up at odd times.
    Is the widow Twanky pic up for offers Ang, it could be worth a fortune!!! Sorry John.
    Janice W

  4. Hi John. I love the card. It may be quick to make but it looks stunning. Can I take it that we won't be seeing the Widow Twanky pics then Mrs Duck, no matter how much money changes hands? : ) Take care.

  5. Morning John,
    Lovely card, classy and elegant, and also suitable for many occasion, love it.

  6. Lovely card John but a question if I may. Do you do anything special once you have applied the mica. I watch different folk on TV and they don't but whenever I try it the mica seems to come off when I rub my finger on it. Have a good day, Best wishes Jackie.

  7. Why is it when I make a quick card, it never turns out like your quick cards?

  8. Love this John and actually don´t notice there´s no die cut.Its really lovely.
    I follow Julia Watts blog and shes a great one for using mica and I must admit I´'ve been having a go myself and am really happy with the results.
    Just got back from a funeral and it brings back so many memories, so feeling a bit down today especially as it would have been my husbands 70th birthday this Friday. Hope you don´t mind me sharing this with you.
    Love Val x
    Love Val x

  9. Aww love the colors and style John ,well done
    Elaine H X

  10. Beautiful card John as was yesterday's, both would do for many occasions.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx