Saturday, 1 February 2014

Something Different Saturday

Happy Saturday and First of February!

Today's something different is one I have been planning since I saw the Spellbinders Hexagon Pinwheel Top Box die going cheap on E bay.  Now its usual that I look at all my dies and think what I can do differently with them however this is the first time I've seen one online and planned what I will do with it when I receive it!!

I loved the top of this however I didn't see much use for the box itself as it wouldn't really hold much.  What I thought of was this, a bigger box using the same folded lid.

Here are the first two prototypes usual cut in white cardstock.

In this picture you can see the twisted top which does open.  Sorry not the best photos to show this creation.  I am planning a tutorial on this one so more info when its ready.

For now enjoy....


  1. Hi John. I love them! What a good idea to enlarge the original die. A tutorial on this would be very welcome please. You have used that beautiful ivy die again. I MUST get that, it is stunning. Take care.

  2. HI John,
    Two lovely boxes, I too looked at the die and though the same as you, not much would go into it. Look forward to the tutorial.

  3. Hello, John! I see you have created a pair of elegant boxes! Great work!!!! :)


  4. Hola John
    These look fantastic matey. Can't wait to see how you have enlarged things (steady!) as I think there may be a few of us who have dismissed this die on the grounds of size.
    Happy Saturday to you . . . . .I'm off to work in 2 hours so will be happier in 7 hours time!
    Ang x

  5. Brill boxes and can't wait for the tutorial - ideal for choccies!! xx have a good weekend xx GailT xx

  6. Lovely project John. I must confess I didn't see much use for the die when it was introduced but you might help change my mind, best wishes Jackie

  7. great work John ,agree with you wouldn't fit much in box but you have solved the problem by making the box bigger.Laura O

  8. Hi John,
    I've loved all your creations this week. I have this die and thought I was limited in the size so looking forward to seeing the tutorial on making it a bigger box.
    Hugs Sue x

  9. What a gorgeous boxes. I can picture the taller one with a vellum window and a winking votive inside. They are both lovely and what keepers for the receivers!!

  10. Very delicate and lovely card! I really like the embossed BG and how you layered all of the mattes. The flowers, the shading around your sentiment, and the pearls really make it so elegant!

  11. Hi John,
    superb couple of boxes. I love the design on the side of one of them, and those tops are really fab.
    Crafty regards. Jenny L.

  12. Hello John
    What a great idea. A lovely use of the die. Two beautiful boxes.
    Best wishes,
    Anne O