Thursday, 6 February 2014

Queen for a day!

Happy Thursday!

Today's card is a commission.  I was asked to make a baby shower card for a friend, having never made a baby shower I was lost.  From reading online this is a party for the prospective mother and so I decided to go with a celebratory card designed for the mum (i.e. no baby stuff)

I went with the sentiment Queen for a Day as this felt right however I didn't know what style of card to make for this then I noticed a card I had made last week that I wasn't keen on and decided to retro fit it!  This is the finished card the next picture is the original I altered.

Was I right to change it?!?



  1. Hi John, Wouldn´t have had a clue either but this definitely fits the bill. Really Beautiful.
    Love Val x

  2. Hi John
    I definitely like the 'queen for the day' - think you got it just right. But I also liked the earlier one too.
    Anne O

  3. Hola John
    Both cards are a great design but obviously the second one is more girlie for Mum to Be. They're both worthy of praise.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  4. Hi John,
    Both cards are lovely but for me I think I prefer the first one, but minus the big bow (not a big bow person). I'm sure the card will be treasured.

  5. Hi John. Love it! But the original was very pretty too :) Take care.

  6. Hi John, well personally I like the original card but the one you have made is ideal for the occasion and I bet will be unique amongst the cards she receives. Best wishes Jackie

  7. Hi John,
    beautiful card today. I think they are both fab, but the Queen for a day just edges the other. Just because it has that wonderful sentiment, and superb flower. I think every Mum or Mum to be should be a Queen for a day at least.
    Crafty regards. Jenny L.

  8. Hi John I am sure the mum to be will trilled .for me I woulð make the bow smaller.

  9. Perfect card for the occasion and yes I think you were definitely right to alter it xx the original one looks as though it needed something adding - which you have done perfectly xx GailT xx

  10. back again John. Don't know why he was so late but the postman didn't come until gone 4 today but he did bring me your lovely card, thank you so much it is even nicer in real life!! best wishes Jackie

  11. like both cards today ,nice idea not to mention the baby but to focus on the mother instead ,Laura O

  12. Every woman and mum will be happy to have something of this style, great card!