Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Heart Box Tutorial

Happy Tutorial Tuesday,

I'm sorry but this isn't a video tutorial I am hoping to follow this one with a video on how to turn this into a pin cushion box

Now I used a Sizzix die, called simply Heart Box, click HERE to see which die I mean.  However this can be cut by hand or using a heart die.

First either Cut your pieces using the Sizzix die 2 pieces of each heart and 4 of the sides are required.

To cut by hand measure all way around the edge of the hearts and split the measurement in two.  Cut 2 pieces this length and as deep as you want the box to be, the die is at 2.5 cm add 1cm score across at this measurement and cut tabs (use the picture above as a guide.

Next to create the lid fold over the tabs, glue and adhere to teach side of the heart right on the edge.  Do both sides and you will have a lid that looks like the next photo

Decorate the side of the lid using a strip of paper the width of your side all the way around, this secures the 2 side pieces and makes the lid look smooth.

This next pictures shows the side all finished, as you can see I have made sure that a fold goes into the point of the heart .

Finally add your decorative top piece which finishes the lid ready for decorating.  In this example I have used distress ink to give some depth.

To neaten the inside cut a further heart using decorative paper however cut off a thin edge so that it fits inside!

To make the base use the same pieces however fold and glue the sides but place them inside your lid. Next you simply place the last heart shape over the top, lining it up with the sides, and remove the base.

Secure the sides to the bottom and follow the same routine of using a strip of paper to secure.

I have added loads of pictures to try and show what I am talking about!

This will result in a base and lid that can be decorated in any way you want!



  1. Hi John. Thanks for the tutorial. Will be having a go at this. I love the papers that you have used too. Take care.

  2. Hi John. I haven´t got the die but I´ll have a go this afternoon.
    Love Val x

  3. Good morning John and thank you for this tutorial. Another on my ever growing list to have a go at!! Best wishes Jackie

  4. Morning John - thanks for the tut xx GailT xx

  5. a great project John ,looks fab finished .Laura O

  6. Hola John
    Many thanks for this. Did wonder how the sides attached. I have a set of Sissix plain heart dies so may well give this a bash.
    Have a great afternoon.
    Ang x

  7. Hi John,
    Great boxes. Lovely papers.

  8. Hi John
    As always, very clear instructions and tips. I have a small heart die and will give this a go. Thank you,
    Anne O

  9. Hi John,
    thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial. I must have a go some time soon. Just seem to be bogged down with lots I want to create and not enough time to create. lol. Hey Ho this is the tale of someone who loves to craft. lol.
    Crafty regards. Jenny L.