Monday, 27 January 2014

Your Card Jackie...

Happy Monday,

Today is Your Card again and the winner this week is Jackie Durant!  This week I asked Wendy to choose a name from this weeks comments and she chose Jackie from Saturday.  Normally I would place a link to the winners blog however since moving to Chrome I cant find her blog (if she has one)  Jackie if you do could you let me know so I can check it out and update this post.

Today's card was made for Jackie featuring flowers as I noticed a penchant for flowers on her Google Chrome circle ( no idea what this actually is but I was transferred there when I clicked Jackie's name, it looked nice)

Well as usual if you send me your address on I will post the card to you.

I ope you all will Enjoy Jackie's card!

John x


  1. Hi John. I love Jackies card, it is beautiful. I also think yesterdays card was lovely too, in one of my favourite colours. Take care.

  2. Hola John
    This is sooooo elegant. Jackie doesn't have a blog but I bet she will be thrilled to bits with this. The flowers are fantastic.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  3. Beautiful John, Mrs Duck likes my flowers!!!!xxxxx

  4. Good morning John, thank you so much - and thank you Wendy as well. What a lovely surprise and such a super card. I didn't know I had a Chrome circle [ a variation of a tarnished halo??] I was asking the other day what Chrome was and having googled it I still don't really understand what it is all about!! As Mrs Duck has said I don't have a blog but I will send you an email with my address. Thank you once again, Jackie

  5. Hi John,
    Lucky Jackie, a beautiful card. Loved the one from yesterday as well.

  6. Fab card and well done Jackie xx luv the muted colours and the sentiment xx GailT xx

  7. Stunning card John what dies did u use,and the flowers are fantastic are they made from ribbon??please

    1. Hi Ita, hope you are on the road to recovery! The flowers are Madrid paper however Wendy made them for me she uses a cheery lyn die I believe.

      John xxx

  8. well done Jackie,this is a lovely card and I love the colours.Laura O