Sunday, 5 January 2014

Guest Crafter...

Happy Sunday!

Sorry nothing new from me today, I'm showcasing a guest crafter today!  I hope she wont go mad at me! Todays card is the beautiful gift I received from Val.  Now many of you will know her as Val In Spain as she is a follower of loads of blogs and always makes lovely comments on my blog!

firstly the stunning box it was presented in.....

inside was this beautiful box card with an easel car on top of a drawer filled with hero's (some of my favourite chocolates)  unfortunately I only got to sample one as I was working on our return from Benidorm (when I opened it) and so Mr Next Door scoffed the lot.

So thank you Val and I hope you don't mind me outing your brilliant craft skills!



  1. Hola John
    Hope your tinterweb is back up and running.
    Val ought to have a blog. What a super pressie. So your hero ate your heroes! Tut tut!
    Sweet dreams matey.
    Ang x

  2. Hi John and Val
    What a lovely present - looks like a real feat of engineering to combine a card and a drawer. I like the reindeer and sleigh dies
    Best wishes
    Anne O

  3. Lovely pressie, val should be very proud of this creation. Chocs should never be left unattended.

    Wilma x x x

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  5. fab card and box ,would be very proud of this ,it's lovely.Laura O

  6. Hi John. How lovely. Val has done a fantastic job, not only on the card/drawers but also on the box, brilliant. Take care.

  7. Beautiful, she worked well on these. xxxx

  8. Hi John. Only just getting round to looking at all the last few days blogs as I had a virus on my computer. Paul said I've opened something I shouldn't!!!
    How lovely of you to show my pressie. I'm sure everyone can understand I was a bit nervous making a gift for you as you are so clever and talented so I'm delighted you liked it.
    ye for now.
    Love Val x