Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Blue Bliss

Happy Wednesday,

Today's card is a remake, I loved this die cut however I wasn't happy with the produced card so I took it apart and started again!

Click HERE to see the original card, which one do you prefer?  I've got to be honest I now think I prefer the original?!?

I cut the square from the front of the initial card and laid it over a navy blue rectangle leaving a wide stripe in the middle.  Next I cut a few leaves from The spellbinders Foliage die and inked them whilst still in the die.  These were placed under the central panel cut with a circle and the centre section form Spellbinders Adorning squares die ( I told you it was my die de Jour!) I again inked through the die and stamped the sentiment, from indigo blue, in the middle.

I finally added a bowmaker bow in a matching pale blue satin ribbon although this is a complex looking card it is a simple card to put together. 



  1. Hi John. I love this one, but also the original! Can't choose between the two : ) Take care.

  2. My initial reaction was I preferred the original too but I think it because the first photo of the second version is a little dark and as I scrolled down I liked it better and luvin the bow xx GailT xx

  3. Hola John
    Looks more like the die du mois chuck lol ! You use it as much as you like matey. I keep watching em on ebay , waiting for a bargain so you are giving me ideas whilst I'm waiting to get hold of it.
    I love both cards but I have to say the winner for me is today's. . . . . Love it just that smidgen more.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  4. I can't remember what your previous one looked like, but I like this remake.

  5. Just shows how to use the dies in different ways John!! Think I prefer today's version though, best wishes Jackie

  6. Hi John,
    Love both cards but if I had to choose I think the first may just edge it.

  7. Hi John
    Difficult choice, but I'm going with today's portrait format.
    Best wishes
    Anne O

  8. now John this is a hard one to choose ,like the first card it is a little brighter but today's card has a really nice layout.So I have to say both for different reasons ,Laura O