Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Review of The Year

Hello lovely Friends,

With Christmas just around the corner I know how little time everyone has, I'm no exception!  Therefore for the next 12 days I thought I would review my creations from this year.  Starting today, with January, I am going to show my three favourite creations from the month.  Now these may not be the most popular or your favourite crafty projects however they are mine!

As always I genuinely hope you, all...


For January I don't have much to choose from as I was just starting on this blogging lark!  First my dark, steampunkish, picture frame.  I really think only I liked this...

Next was something lighter, a wall hanging which I gave to a good friend as a housewarming gift...

Finally my New Year card for everyone, long live 2013 lol!!!

I will be popping some extra posts on covering a few things I make over the Christmas Period, hopefully my baileys' fudge as its made etc. so expect a few surprise additions!


  1. Hi John
    What a great idea! I can't exactly remember when I first came across your blog, but it wasn't as early as the beginning of the year. So good to see some earlier creations. I wonder if your later favourites will be the same as mine?!
    Great news about the fudge!
    Have a good day.
    Anne O

  2. Not my faves of all your outstanding creations but I will let you off for showing these as I live close enough to receive some Baileys fudge LOL.
    I will pop round tonight to give you some stuff I brought back with me. xxxx

  3. Hi John. I wasn't a follower until around June I think so a lot will be new to me. Like Wendy, I'm not bowled over by these but great that you have improved so much in a year to give us the lovely things you give us now. That doesn't sound good English but you know what I mean.
    Hope I'm on the list for some fudge!!
    Love Val x

  4. Hi John
    I was not a follower at this time ,so i am looking forward to seeing your earlier works of art.
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  5. Hi John,
    Not been following since the start so it's good to see some of your earlier work.
    Love the wall hanging.

  6. I too only started to follow your blog mid year,so it is nice to see some of your work.Well done,Laura O

  7. Hola John
    I started to follow you on 27th May. I remember this as its the day before my birthday and what a pressie it was to find your beautiful creations and also subsequently, a friend.
    You have obviously been on a journey . . . . . .its like the X Factor of blogging!
    I like the hangy thing but steam punk is not a fave.
    Wish I lived close enough for baileys fudge. Will just have a slurp of the liquid stuff and pretend to chew.
    Here's to another blogtsatic year.
    Ang x

  8. Hi John. Same as some of the others, I didn't start following you till mid year but it is good to see your earlier work. Take care.

  9. Hi John - I didn't know about your blog then so these creations are new to me but luv them - and fudge too - wow, is there no end to your talents xx GailT xx

  10. Great idea with the review, brilliant projects - especially like the wall hanging xx