Thursday, 26 December 2013

June Review...

Happy June!

&happy Boxing Day!  Sorry this post is late I am in benidorm and didn't realise this hadn't gone live!  Late post but I hope you like my June selection.

Firstly I have always been disappointed in the photography of this card.,  It is made in a thick parchment and in real life the blue backing shines through however this just doesn't ´shoot´ well  it looks like white card stock.  I love the wrap with the flowers and the foliage and a few pins etc. as it adds interest!

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Next something a little brighter (I seem to have got on a bit of a blue kick!)  this card was made specifically for a tutorial so never really got the exposure I thought it deserved subtle yet bright!

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Something in similar colours to my favourites from May however the combination of blue and brown really appeals to me.  This card is, again, quite clean and simple which possibly, as I am writing this we are in the midst of Christmas excess appeals!
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  1. Hola John
    Ay up.As Neil D and UB40 warned. . . red red wine, makes you forget. Don't remember them mentioning blog post scheduling in particular but . . . Lol !
    Love the middle one but Im a sucker for filigree.
    Hope you're behaving. . . disgracefully! Lifes to short not to.
    Ang x

  2. 3 lovely cards ,I like the middle one too .Laura O

  3. Hi John. I just realised that I didn't leave a comment on these lovely cards. They are all beautiful and the vellum one looks special, even if the camera won#t show it! I find it so annoying when you can't get a true picture of a card/project. You know how nice it looks in "the flesh" but the camera sometimes just doesn't pick it up does it! Take care.

  4. Hi John,
    Another great review I like the middle one best. Must say the Christmas card is beautiful too.

  5. Hi John. A lovely collection of very pretty cards.
    Love val x

  6. Nice selection but the middle one is fave. xxx

  7. Yes i like the middle one too ,but all three are lovely.

    Elaine H X