Sunday, 29 December 2013

July Review...

Happy Sunday,

Now I know these went out of sync as I was away Partying in Benidorm with no internet so I have no real excuse! lol  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that it was exactly as you want We have a nice, relatively peaceful one where the hotel took care of all our needs, after the marathon cooking session for gifts on last Sunday no time in the kitchen was very welcome!

This first card was only liked by me I think.  I loved the colours and the intricacy of the fold however it didn´t prove popular in blog land, still beauty is in the eye of the beholder! lol

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Still in filigree mode I created this simple layered cream and turquoise card.

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Finally another box I'm afraid this one was made to house some baked goods, I have found this box so useful in the past few months for all sorts of gifts.

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  1. Hola John
    Stop all this partying, your making me jealous esp when Im off to work in an hour!
    I was sure that I liked your first card so I looked back and I gave it an A and still do chuck. The filigree card is always a winner and so to the box.
    Pull yourself together now. Party time fini !
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  2. Morning John,
    Love your box and the filigree card, sounds like you have been having a grand Christmas break.

  3. Hi John. July was definitely a filigree month. I like the top one and the second one as well. Cute box.
    Love Val x

  4. Hin John. So pleased that you had a great time. I love the second card and the box, but would love to see more of the 1st card as it is looks great from what I can see, but a couple of shots from different angles would really help. Take care.

  5. Hi John
    So pleased you had a nice break, i am going to copy your filligree card tomorrow as best i can without the ribbon as it is for my brothers 70th Birthday ,think it will look good with the 70 in the center .

    Have a good day
    Elaine H X

  6. I don't think I was following your blog in July but I luv all three of your projects and especially the first card and the box - the first is perfect for a guy I think even though it is made with a filigree die and luv the colours xx went out with some friends on Friday who arrived back from Benidorm on Thursday night having spent the festivities there and they had a fab time - hope you did too xx GailT xx

  7. These are all completely new to me as well John. Like all your work they are stunning. Can I ask if you did a tutorial for the relish box. Have a Great 2014. Hugs Rita xxxx

    1. Hi Rita ,
      Yes there is a picture tutorial for this box in late July if you click July on the post list on the right of my blog you can scan through the posts.

      Thanx for the lovely comments, john xxx

  8. love the die used in these samples and they make such great projects ,Laura O