Thursday, 19 December 2013

February Review

Hello All,

Todays review, of February, is a little cheat!  I only posted once in Feb however these cards were made in February yet posted in March, sorry!

Hopefully these cards will show how much we all develop our craft skills overtime as these look, to me at least, very basic!

Firstly I started my crafting as a stamper, and this card was my first attempt with alcohol pens, click HERE for the original post.

This card was one of my first totally die cut cards using my Christmas gift of a Big Shot.  The background was complex to cut as a first die cut but I loved the look of this in mirror card.  click HERE for the original post.

Finally a stamped card, to remember summer as it was cold here, coloured with watercolour pencils, just one die cut border on this simple card. click HERE for the original post.


  1. Hola John
    Wondered what had happened to today's post earlier.
    Love the Michael Powell card. I bought one of his stamps the other week for about 50p in a sale and you have reminded me to use it.
    Sleep well matey.
    Ang x

  2. HI John,
    Missed this post yesterday, were you late.
    Lovely projects and the favourite is the Michael Powell stamped card.