Monday, 2 December 2013

Back to Normal(ish)

Happy Monday,

After a week that seems to have flown in a flurry of work, flights and airport runs, unpacking etc. I have finally had a day to catch up on my blogging.  Now I have only managed an hour or so in my craft room so todays crafty creation is rather quickly put together.  I thought I would show a few pictures of our holiday as well.
When we got to Barcelona we were filled with dred when we thought this was our ship!  Thankfully it wasn't this ferry, neither was it the below pirate ship (no Jokes Mrs D!)

I have to say that we haven't had a holiday in over 4 years so we were determined to get the most out of this one.  That seemed to translate into lots of snoozing on sunbeds and lots and lots of eating!  we even managed to invent a new meal between dinner and supper which we nicknamed Sinner!

Back to today's creation I thought I should make a card that shows off the chandelier I showed yesterday better.  This was made by sticking 2 laser cuts from Hobbycutz together and painting it gold.  I hope this is clearer than yesterdays!

Ita, who I sincerely hope is recovering! asked what die did I use for the aperture.  I will be showing this in better details later in the week so I'm saying no more for now.



  1. Hi John. I would have loved to have gone on the "pirate" ship :) Love "Sinner" I will have to tell my hubby, he will use that! Glad you coukd just chill out, that's what some holidays are all about. The chandelier is great, what have we got to look forward to later this week? Take care.

  2. Hola John
    Well, I was going to ask if it was the good ship Venus but I won't go there.
    The chandelier is super and I love how you have draped that other die cut around the square.
    Have a great day matey!
    Ang x

  3. Hi John

    So pleased you enjoyed your Hols and had lots of chill out time , i like the idea of your sinner meal.
    I love this Chandelier card .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  4. Lovely John. Love your photos. Have you got one of the real ship?
    Lovely to see Ita blogging again.
    Love Val x

  5. Glad you enjoyed your holiday John, the downfall of cruising is too much eating and not enough exercise!!! Love the way you have used the chandelier on this card, best wishes Jackie

  6. HI John,
    Great card, very classy.

  7. Luv the chandelier it look fab xx GailT xx

  8. Hi John,
    fab card and what a lovely chandelier. Love the shade of gold you have painted it.
    Your holiday sounds like you had a great relaxing time.
    Crafty Regards. Jenny L.

  9. Hi John, Glad the pirates did not board don't know where you would have ended up. Love the new meal time will have to give that a try. Your card is delightful.

    Back to the grind now.

    Wilma x x x

  10. lovely pics,looks lovely .Laura O

  11. Wow John this is amazing! Love what you did with the chandelier! Have a nice weekend!