Monday, 30 December 2013

August Review...

I Know I know mixed up, again due to scheduling I'm afraid!

Firstly the box I made as my version of spellbinders Bracket Borders box, just larger.

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Finally I have to repost this card as it has proved my biggest post of the year!  This card was made as part of the items I made when Christine Emberson form the spellbinders design Team honoured me by asking me to create something for her blog.  I love this card so much that it hasn´t been given to anyone and will remain part of my Christmas decorations for years to come!!

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This is the card I made for the chef at work, I cant get the picture any larger so to see this properly you prob need to click throughClick HERE to see the original post


  1. Hola John
    Due to scheduling eh? Is scheduling Spanish for partying hahaha?
    A trio of loveliness but your snowflake card is beautiful.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  2. Hi John. Love all three of these but I have to say that the snowflake card is in my top three all time favourite Christmas cards so I am delighted to see it again :)) Take care.

  3. I am in the same mind John, its lovely to see your snowflake card again ,cant say i have seen your first box before but i just think its lovely .

    Take care
    Elaine H X

  4. Hi john,
    Remember the cards but not the box, nice to see them again.

  5. Hi John. The red snowflake one is a definite favourite of mine. Love the colour and the shape.
    Love Val x

  6. the snowflake one is my fav too ,but do also like the box.Laura O

  7. I think I'm a bit early for you this morning (New Year's Eve), but I'm keen to see the back of 2013, and looking forward to 2014!

  8. Hello John,
    I loved your snowflake card when I first saw it - beautiful and balanced.
    I was lucky enough to have a class with Christine Emberson at the beginning of December. We made a table decoration using a cone and the blossom dies - so not unlike your poinsettia tree in concept. Having made around 70 flowers for that project, I may well give your poinsettia tree a go next year!
    Best wishes
    Anne O