Saturday, 30 November 2013

Something Different Saturday

Happy Saturday!

I think, fingers crossed, that I have finally got my video tutorial to load.  Well that's different lol  Todays selection is therefore another one of my filigree bauble, along with a card and a sneak preview of some mini crackers I've been making.

I have added a few different pictures of the bauble as I'm not sure the video quite covers it as I had no camera man or woman this time and so the camera is not placed exactly right and it is a little jumpy.

But, as always, I hope you...



  1. Hi John. Thank you for the tutorial. I am determined to make one of these baubles, still haven't had time but I will. Have a good weekend. Take care.

  2. Hi John
    Your baubles are lovely. Great pics to show them off to best effect. Thanks for the tutorial - making a template to help with consistent gluing is genius. I don't often use glue dots, but think they're imperative for this one! Thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes
    Anne O

  3. Good morning John
    Fantastic projects, love them all. When I manage to find time I would love to have a go at the Baubles
    Have a wonderful weekend


  4. Lovely. I will watch video later on laptop when i get out of bed!!!! Xxxx

  5. Just watched it and very good except for afew bits that miss the camera, just shout me next time and I will come and film. xxxx
    I may have to come and pinch that die!!!!!

  6. Hi John. Great tutorial. I will have a go and I've even got the right die. I
    do think you missed Wendy's camera skills though ha ha!
    I also love the card with the plain baubles and the peep of the very cute crackers.
    Keep Warm.
    Love Val x

  7. Ooh, lovely. I have a friend coming from Northern Ireland today - sounds odd, but all the suppliers I want stuff from, who won't send to me in Ireland, I get them to send to my friend (still in the UK) . Then when we meet, it's like Christmas. One of the parcels she is bringing, is this Die, so tomorrow I will be able to make this bauble!

  8. Morning John,
    Some lovely projects on show today, will watch the video later when I have time.

  9. Hola John
    Great tutorial matey. Have seen something similar with hearts but the bauble is more eyecatching. What gsm paper/card do you use?
    Have a great day and what's that blog address again hahaha!
    Ang x

    1. Hi babe I used 230gsm but something like 135 to 150 would be better! Must catch up you around tomorrow!

  10. great video and a fab bauble to finish with .Laura O

  11. Hi John,
    Wow you are such a dedicated crafter and so busy with the video and projects ,I love them all , Thank You for showing them
    Elaine H X

  12. Hi John I just love the baubles,both colours are great

  13. Fantastic, brilliant tutorial x

  14. great blog John - hopping on by from the HOC blog hop x