Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Not A Tutorial(ish)

Happy Tuesday!

No Technique or Tutorial Today sorry as still on Hols but thought I would show a gift I made instead from earlier in the year.  Now this was made using the Hexagon Box tutorial, Click HERE to see the original tutorial. 

This is an Orchid Fragrance box there is a paper orchid inside and a bottle of fragrance oil.  All the recipient needs to do is place the orchid in the oil and it will make the room smell nice!

This was made with the same method as the original tutorial however I stamped a long piece of cardstock in a mixture of autumnal colours and cut out around the stamping.  Next I added this as a wrap around the box, ribbon (cus it wouldn´t be a me creation without a bit of ribbon) and finished.



  1. WOW you have done it again. Love the stamping and card to match. A project I really must try.

    Wilma x x x

  2. Hi John. Love this box as I loved the last one and no, it wouldn't be the same without your touch of ribbon.

    Love Val x

  3. Hi John,
    Another lovely box with card. Love the colours.

  4. Ahh so lovely John, this would make a lovely Christmas Present,

    Elaine H x

  5. Hi John. Beautiful, I love the papers. Take care.

  6. fab box ,enjoy your hols.Laura O

  7. Hola John
    Arrrrrrh me lily livered landlubbers!
    Terrific box and gift but would we expect anything different matey?
    Time for you to return home as Im running out of sailing euphemisms. . . . . . Well, clean ones anyway lol!
    Ang x