Friday, 22 November 2013

Jackie card


This card was made for my boss's birthday, she LOVES chocolate so when I saw this stamp form Indigoblu I had to have it even if it was only used for this card.  However since I'm planning chocolate gifts this year for Christmas I guess it will get reused.

Now today we should be getting the train back from Barcelona on the last day of our Holiday, depending on the return time there may be a fresh post tomorrow!

Todays card, it being Jackie's birthday tomorrow, was made in advance so that we could all sign it and it be ready for her tomorrow morning.

Apart from the stamp the remainder of the background is relatively simple just chocolate card (of course) embossed and studded with pearls.  The front is a bowed border made with spellbinder curved borders one first in cream, then a chocolate filigree piece added.

A simple strip of milk chocolate ribbon and finished, a chocolate dream for a self confessed chocoholic!



  1. Hi John. Lovely card. I love the stamp and the backing card is a gorgeous, perfect chocolate colour! Enjoy the last day of your holiday. Take care.

  2. And there I was thinking it was for me!! A lovely card and sentiment stamp so I hope Jackie enjoys it. Have a safe trip home and a good weekend, best wishes Jackie

  3. Hi John, hope your holiday was relaxing and fun. Love your chocolate theme today, I know a few girls who would appreciate a card like this. Gorgeous.

    Wilma x x x

  4. Hi John,
    What a great card for a chocolate lover. Hope you had a good holiday.

  5. Hola John
    Arrrrrrh Cap'n John! Time to make sure all is shipshape before you drop anchor and check for barnacles on your bottom (of the boat of course).
    Love your chunk of chocolicious delight today. Yum!
    Hope you get a chance to see Barca before heading home. One of my favourite places. If youre leaving from Sants Station, pop into Cafe Ars (seriously, its called that unless its changed hands) There's luggage lockers there too if you have time for sightseeing.
    Enough of my job for the Barca Tourist Board! Safe travels home boys.
    Ang x

    1. Just stood by the fountains while mr took arty pictures as I got this! That is exactly what we've done train in an hour so may try to send u some pics when home tonight
      John x

  6. Hi John,
    Gosh the time has flown,but i hope you had a fab time and a much deserved rest.
    Your card is a beauty, love how you bowed the border ,i really must get this curved die .
    Elaine H x

  7. Gorgeous card and luv the sentiment and I'm with your boss on liking chocolate - unfortunately the figure doesn't like it - hope you had a good holiday xx GailT xx

  8. Hi. Love the chocolaty card. Making me feel hungry. I love chocolate and have to have my nightly fix when I'm sitting down in front of the tele at night - at the moment it's when I'm watching I'm A Celebrity!!!
    I digress. Love the card. Have a safe journey home.
    Love Val x

  9. Brilliant sentiment - how do you find them?

  10. Hi John
    What a beautiful card. I love indigoblu stamps. At the NEC I was tempted by two butterfly stamps, which are gorgeous. They always have wonderful typography on their sentiment stamps.
    Best wishes
    Anne O

  11. brown is not my favourite colour but this is fantastic ,Laura O