Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Please be kind!

Happy Tuesday,

I have titled this post please be kind as this is my first video tutorial!  Over the past few months I've had loads of questions about how I make my bow's, especially Elaine!, so I promised I would do a tutorial.  After taking loads of pictures I came to the conclusion that a video was the only way.  Therefore today's Tuesday Tutorial is a video on how to make a bow, the bow on this card!

This card is simply made to show the bow it is made with plain cardstock and a sheet of fabric paper from First Edition.  It is simply layered with a tag made with a spellbinders ornate squares die borrowed from Wendy.

Please feel free to watch the video and give me your honest opinion, however please be kind lol.

If you like this Wendy (my new film crew) and I have a video planned for next week...

Here is a close up of the bow, click to the video if you want showing how I made it, if not hopefully just enjoy the card!

John x


  1. Hi John and camerawoman Wendy
    What a great tutorial! You make it look so easy! AND I've just seen how to tie a knot that locks. Thank you. I really enjoyed it.
    Best wishes
    Anne O

  2. Hi John (and Wendy). I think your first video was very good. There were just a couple of seconds when your hand was in between us and the bowmaker, blocking what you were doing, but I haven't got a clue how you could avoid this! Your voice was very clear and easy to listen to as well. Roll on the next video : ) Pretty little card too. Take care.

  3. Oh John i was so excited on reading your blog, then i find the video wont come on { sob,sob,sob } its my old lappy i think ? i will try again later after i have shook the flippin laptop or maybe flung it through the window or out the door . But thank you both ,a very lovely card ,very pretty fabric paper { i must get some and try } and of course a very very pretty bow.
    I will just go and have a coffee now and sulk .

    Elaine H X

    1. Hi Elaine!

      So sorry it wont work at the moment. If you can watch you tube on your old lappy then you should be able to view. It is on you tube if you go to the site and search john Lockwood simple bow.

      If all else fails it may have to be a new laptop fort Christmas! lol

      John x

  4. Hola John
    How fab was that! I use a similar thing made by myself with a lump (and I mean lump) of wood but yours looks a lot better.
    Well done both,especially you being gutsy enough to speak on tinterweb.
    Was that Spielberg on the phone lol?
    Great stuff!
    Ang x

  5. great video John, nice to hear your voice. well done...looking forward to more of these.. Janice x

  6. Hi John and the steady handed Wendy. That's great. Just what I wanted. I'm now dashing upstairs to the craft room before I forget how to do it.
    Love Val x

  7. Don't need to be kind, it was a great video! Well done John (did you answer the phone?)

  8. Thanks John and Wendy,
    A video often shows much better than written word, and this was very clear and precise. I think I will look for a bow maker like yours. What's the next tutorial on?
    Janice W


    I only went and got it and how fab it was too, Well done to your Camera crew also , you did a fantastic job Wendy. I am going to have a go this afternoon on my bow maker Its a Glittergirl one ...... but i dont think i dare use the lighter { never seen that before } i may set fire to my beautiful bow ...Off to look on Ebay for your bow maker as i think it stands better ? maybe because of the weight . Thank you John and Well done xx

  10. I think it looks great. Mrs B - yes it is difficult to film without the hand being in between,
    Well done John, I think I may have a full time job now being the film crew!!!!!

  11. Hi John,
    What a great job you have done, and Wendy she was very steady with the camera.

  12. Hi John,
    Great video tutorial and a lovely bow and card! Well done!

  13. Well done John and Wendy,lovely to hear both your voices .great to watch you making the bow,the card is also fab..
    A not so smily

  14. Hi John,
    I have no trouble with my bows., but really enjoyed your tutorial.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, especially those who needed to know how to make them. It was a great video. Thank you also Wendy the camera person.
    Great card today fab papers and such great colours.
    Have a wonderful evening.
    Regards. Jenny L.

  15. Brilliant, both of you, looking forward to the next one, love Carolyn x