Saturday, 12 October 2013

Its Saturday is it Different?

Happy Saturday!

Todays box is a chocolate gift box and is designed to fit a few homemade chocolates or even, as I have used here A set of cards.  This is based on the technique I used in this post and tutorial however I have added die cut sides and made the box in teo pieces with a lid and base. 

The see through panel is cut using a sheet of cream PMD card which I covered with a self adhesive sheet and run through the Spellbinders expandable pattern die.  Next I removed the top layer of the sheet and gilded the die cut using Indigoblu gold gilding flakes.

I have added a picture of the card I made to fit this box, I was going to add some pictures of the box with chocolates in however I ran out of time.  I thought this could also be used for a small gift set of Christmas cards (thought this might work for your Christmas fayre Maggie.

If you'd like a tutorial on this one just let me know and I'll see what I can do for Tuesday.

For now,



  1. Hola John
    Ran out of time or choccy lol ?
    Beautiful box and card. Love the ornate edges.
    Back to Formula One . . . . . . You knew there had to be a reason why I was up this early on a Sat!
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  2. I like it very much, a little bit of filigree goes a long way doesn't it? So easy to do but so very effective. Thanks for the offer of a tutorial you are a little sweetie. I have done something similar (when I say similar I use the term in its loosest context, it was square, well almost! and I know you aren't a fan but I put some stickers on the lid). A bit limited at the moment. Spellbinders Karen Haas is trying to 'talk me' through repairing my own GC. I miss it so much, I'm almost in mourning.
    Happy Saturday
    Maggie x

  3. Hi John. Love this box and card. Yes please to the tutorial. I had to laugh at Mrs Ducks comment about time or chocs as that is exactly what went through my mind : ) I have to get chocs I am giving to others just before handing out otherwise I so often end up eating them! Have a good weekend. Take care.

  4. Hi John,
    Lovely box and the card looks good too. Chocs would have been nice.
    Have a good day.

  5. Beautiful box and card John, lovely work, Kate X

  6. Hi John
    Exquisite, as usual. I would have to fill mine with chocolates as the box would take so long to make that I'd run out of time for any cards! Love the Christmas tree die. What is it.
    Best wishes, Anne O

    1. Hi Anne,
      The Die >I used is a memory box Christmas tree die I bought last year and never used (I think we all have some of them) I think its one of the flower trees but not sure, Will check when I get home!

      John x

  7. Silly question, of course we want a tute! (Please)

  8. Hi John. Sorry no comment yesterday. I loved the card - so dark and dramatic.
    Todays box is a beauty as is the card. Love the filigree.
    Had a go with my gilding flakes yesterday which wasn't bad but must remember not to sneeze next time as I lost a lot of flakes on the floor!
    Love Val x

  9. What an absolutely stunning box John, I would love a tutorial on this one. I have to make a very small box to put in a bangle. I have loads of boxes but they are either too large or too small, so I will just have to make another one from scratch. Oh well, never mind, it doesn't take too long anyway. Hugs, Jen x
    Krafty Keepsakes

  10. OMGoodness ,do you know John i think with your talent you should be on the Television .
    Another very beautiful box and yes please a tutorial will keep us all happy .

    Elaine H X

  11. A really pretty and useful box John. I love it. Janice x

  12. fantastic John,love the box and would like a tutorial please .Laura O