Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Tuesday Tutorial Filigree Notecard Box

Happy Tuesday!

Today is the tutorial for the notecard box I made in this post on Saturday.  As per usual I have made a couple of different versions of this to show the flexibility of this die and the box.

The  only die used for this one is the corner from Spellbinders Gold Elements one.  This has got to be one of the most flexible dies I have although I have used it a lot in the past there are a few more examples waiting in the wings!

Firstly this box is made using two sheets of A4 paper I have used PMD Kraft card in this tutorial however it can be made separately in contrasting card (this is helpful if your machine will not take an A4 sheet of paper).

Measure out your A4 card to 18cm x 18cm and score down at 2cm then 16cm and across the bottom at 2cm and 4cm.  Next on the front lightly mark a square at 4cm from each side and the top and 6cm from the bottom.  It is this square that is to be cut, carefully place the die in the first corner of the square and run through you die cutting machine to cut.  Next match the die up to complete the square.

If you have this right your piece should look like this picture.  Cut up to the square surrounding the die cut square and remove the square at the bottom.  Again the piece should look like the picture.

Next cut a piece 18cm wide and 12cm deep and score across 2cm in from each side.  Place the die so that the centre point touches the end and each side touches where the fold is. Again use the picture as a guide!

Take the cut flap and trim around the die cut shape, then score at the top then 2cm down.  Cut a further piece that is 18cm x 14 cm and score 2cm in from each side.  Lay the pieces out as I have done in the picture this will show you how to attach the box together.

Attach the flap to the plain back piece then simply stick the side flaps together ( you will find that there are 2 on each side this is to strengthen the box)

fold up and glue the bottom, there is a piece that folds in at the back which again strengthens the bottom.  This next picture should help!

The cards to fit can be up to 13.5cm and it will take up to 14cm envelopes however it's best to leave it at 13.8cm maximum.

Below are the new examples I have made for this tutorial.  The first example has been made to the same measurements however I have cut out a square in the middle that is 10cm x 10cm and inserted a separate piece in a contrasting card. The flap is left plain on this one.

The second was simply made using a sheet of embossed card which I studded with Pearls and made the same, die cut, flap which I backed with the dark chocolate card. 

Wendy has a flower tutorial today based on the class we both attended last week.  If your feeling flowery then pop over.




  1. Hola John
    Beautiful boxes. After seeing your pics the other day, I made a normal lidded box with a die cut lid so thanks for the great idea.
    See you're still on the diet brown fizz lol !
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  2. Hi John. Many thanks for this. I have this die and I'll be having a go. Can I ask the weight of the paper or is it thin card? Loving the use of the pearls.
    I'm trying Ti Chi today for the first time.
    Love Val x

  3. Hi John,
    Thanks for the tutorial as always it's very detailed. Love these boxes.

  4. Hi John

    Lovely boxes and a great Tutorial will be giving this one a go but i will have to get the die as my dies upon inspection were not suitable { not enough going on in the fret work }

    Have a great day
    Elaine H X

  5. Hi John,
    Thank you so much for this, my French ladies liked it on saturday, so we will have a go. Am in UK now; off craft shopping with daughter in law this morning - I'm like a kid, so excited!
    Thanks again
    Happy Tuesday
    Maggie x

  6. It's a really pretty box John - thanks for all the measurements which make life easier. I'll def. be making this once my dies arrive - they should be at least half way here by now.

  7. Beautiful boxes John, I think I will have a go at making these as I have a few boxes to make. Hugs, Jen xx
    Krafty Keepsakes

  8. Hi John. I love these boxes and will be having a go at making them later on. I am so lucky that I won the Gold Elements corner die set in a draw from Christine (Hope and Chances) earlier this year and I have the Creative Expressions embossing folder (can't remember the name) as well! Thanks for a great tutorial. Take care.

  9. Wow! this is some really detailed and very elaborate work - engineering kind of stuff. Very beautiful and inspiring!

  10. These are gorgeous boxes. Thanks for the very detailed instructions!

  11. Hi John, just catching up on such a variety of projects you have given us over the past few days. I loved the cards you made to go in the box and this tutorial makes it sound as though we could all achieve such a beautiful result. Thank you so much for detailing all this. Best wishes Jackie

  12. Hi John,
    thank you sooooooo much for the great tutorial. I love these boxes, they will be useful as pressies over the festive season, and beyond.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Crafty regards. Jenny L.

  13. Hi John
    Thank you for such clear instructions. I will definitely be giving this a go.
    Best wishes
    Anne O