Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tree Tutorial

Happy Tuesday,

Today is the tutorial of the tree I made for Saturday, see the original here.  Usually I make another example for the tutorial however this time I took pictures as I went along.  I have started another tree however this is for a big happening in December (Any ideas guys!?!) so that will appear later!

All I've added to the original are some flowers!

Firstly take a Polystyrene ball and cover it ink.  I used brilliance tricolour pad in peacock to give subtle shading.

Next cut a large selection of foliage leaves die cuts, I used Spellbinders foliage and cut 40 of these.  Next I shaded the leaves in the die using the same ink to give a different shading.

Next using a hot glue gun attach the leaves randomly over each other until the ball is covered.  Using a kebab skewer as the trunk s
'skewer the ball, I used a twig I found in a bag of potatoes (of all places) over the skewer to look more trunk like.

Finally the whole thing is stood in a decorated shot glass as a plant pot with air-drying clay.  This is time consuming but very simple and would make a lovely gift.



  1. Hi John. Great tutorial. Thanks. Loved yesterdays card as well that I've just seen. Beautiful colours.
    I'm sure I can guess what the big occasion will be and if I'm right I'm thrilled.

    Love Val x

  2. Morning John,
    What a patient chap you are! I don't think I would be able to cut out 40 of anything. It does look very pretty though. Big happening, big happening? What am I missing?
    Yesterday in the rain cutting down trees, today off for a hair cut (not a chainsaw in sight ) bliss.
    Happy Tuesday
    Maggie x

  3. Hi John

    A great Tutorial, i said it before you sure have patience, but the finished product is well worth your efforts .

    Mmmm im wondering about December ? Hope my thought is right .....

    Take Care

    Elaine H X

  4. Hi John,
    My you must have a lot of patience to cut 40 of the leaves, worth the effort though. Great tutorial.

  5. John, love this idea. I have done a similar thing in the past but with little flowers. Also have done one using paper cake cases screwed up to make a flower. Janice x

  6. Hi John. I have just seen your card challenge card. Love the colours. Thanks for the great tree tutorial. Take care.

  7. What a feat of endurance John to cut out all the leaves but the effort was well worth it, a lovely project, best wishes Jackie

  8. Hola John
    Sorry Im late but had a plumbing issue. . . . . the bath tap rather than me personally hahaha!
    Forty die cuts-Heavens to murgatroyd! My arm would look like Popeyes!
    Like I said before, Im not an ornament girl (don't do extra dusting lol) but I can appreciate the hard work and design that has gone into this and the tutorial.
    Will have to try the you know what tomorrow as I got caught up with the tap business today.
    Ang x

  9. Hi John,
    I love this creation. What a fab idea. Must have a go at this some time. Note to self make one. lol.
    Crafty regards. Jenny L.