Friday, 6 September 2013

Laser Cut Love


I was really unsure whether to post this one as I cant work out whether the Square and butterfly works.

I love, if you will pardon the pun, the Laser cut LOVE and have left this as it comes rather than paint, distress or embellish it in any way.

Let me know what you think, should I rework this one?



  1. Morning John,
    I like the layout but feel that the emsossed background looks a little 'heavy' behind the delicate butterfly. I like the autumnal colours. It is a very pretty die cut but not sure about the rose buds.
    As we have said before - all subjective - not everone likes Picasso's style!
    Happy Friday (wet one here today but goodness knows we need it!)
    Maggie x

  2. Morning John, like you I'm not entirely sure that the square with the butterfly works.I think the square is great but the butterfly isn't 'strong' enough to sit there.Love the layout and colours of this card and the laser cut 'Love' is to die for!
    Take care, Maggie x

  3. The only thing I would change is the angle of the butterfly on the square a little. Tilt it a bit more in an anti-clockwise direction and it would keep the direction of the eye into the card rather than heading out because of the two butterflies going in almost the same direction.

  4. I disagree with the previous comments. I think the card is beautiful just as it is. The unusual shape makes it all the more striking. The bright square presents the butterfly. The sentiment is just perfect! Best wishes, Anne O

  5. Hi John. Lovely card. I do agree with French though, I think the butterfly is a bit lost in front of the embossing. Otherwise I love it. Have a good weekend. Take care.

  6. I like it John ,don't think I would change anything.Laura O

  7. Good morning John, I "love" the concept, colours and the embossing. For me I would not have had the extra square. I feel the card is stunning enough with out that (IMO)
    Have a Great Day

    Patricia x

  8. Hola John
    The white rose buds are the only thing Im not sure about. The lazer cut sentiment is beautiful.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  9. Love t. It all looks great. Xxxx

  10. Hi John

    If i was to copy your card the only thing i would change is the background under the butterfly , i would use the same background as your main card and would perhaps put in a flower or two by the butterfly as i think they catch the eye , the laser cut LOVE is just perfect .

    Have a lovely weekend

    Elaine H X

  11. Hi John. I just Love the LOVE. I think the whole card is beautiful and wouldn't change a thing.
    Enjoy your busy day.

    Love Val x

  12. Good morning John, ooh controversy. I can see how you have married up the background of the square with the background of the card but then the extra embossed piece is too much for the butterfly embellishment as it gets lost. Personally I would leave off the square and just have the laser LOVE as that is very nice. Have a good day, Best wishes Jackie

  13. Hi John,
    Well you have caused a stir today, I like the concept but I too think the butterfly gets a bit lost into the background. Love the laser cut LOVE.

  14. Hi John love the card but I also think the butterfly is lost, I would leave out the square the card is stunning enough to leave it out,also not sure about the rose.

  15. Hi John, it's a lovely card, but feel the butterfly is lost, I do love the colours though and the laser cut is fab, Kate x

  16. John, I have to agree with the majority of the comments, the card is great but the butterfly doesn't work on the shiny embossed square. I would keep the square and not have an embossed piece under the butterfly. Love the colours and the design. So 9/10 from me. Janice x

  17. Hi love the colours of the card.
    What if you take the butterfly background off but put in underneath the square that had the butterfly on. As you look at the card the bottom left hand corner - so you are not distracted from the butterfly on the main square part. This will give will give the card some shine and then still see everything.
    John I hope I have explained it OK - well I can see it in my head.

  18. Love the card, except change the background of the square and use something less busy. look forward every day to see your new creations.


  19. the square looks good to me. stunning card.rita